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    How Career Industry Pros Make Special Offers Without Discounting Services or Creating Products

    How Career Industry Pros Make Cyber Week Offers Without Discounting Services or Creating Products

    Did you know that service-based professionals like resume writers and career coaches can make lucrative Cyber Week offers (or offers at any time of year) without discounting their services or creating products?

    That was a lightbulb moment when instead I shared in the live, member-included training that the very thing I did NOT want you to do was discount your services.

    Because services take time and time is money.

    Now, I do believe in incentivized discounts on packages but as I also discussed, ONLY when you’ve optimized your a la carte service pricing so it’s built in — like retail markups.

    If you invest the time to watch this idea-packed session, you’re going to learn:

      1. What is Cyber Week and why you should care.
      2. Before you think of discounting something at any time, do this first.
      3. How to use free AI tools, like Anthropic or ChatGPT, to quickly repurpose your content into products.
      4. Products you can grab from CDI and brand for your offer.
      5. Services you can adapt into templates to make attractive bundles.
      6. Tools to create a workbook in a day that you can use as a bonus.
      7. Ways to create demand without lowering your price or sacrificing more than two additional hours total across ALL buyers.
      8. Special holiday programs that accelerate success through a simple shift in delivery (that might increase your profit).
      9. One give that will take you time but lights the way for uncovering your client’s need to invest in other services.
      10. Three non-Cyber Week offers to use any time of year with your list.
      11. Where and how to share offers.

    This video lesson is worth your time not just for Cyber Week but as ideas for year-round marketing!

    Attendees scored it a 9.67/10 overall.

    They described it as: 

    • Chock fulla gold!, Exciting, Informative, Full of Ideas, Engaging, and Thought-Provoking!

    They liked most: 

    • “So many great ideas of offers to promote, not just during Cyber Week, but all year ’round!”
    • “Great info. And introduced me to more of CDI’s member features.”
    • “All the suggestions for Cyber Week that I can use throughout the year and add income to my business.”

    Look how much fun we’re having:

    Power of a Cyber Week Offer Event - Group Photo

    This event is also part of something MUCH bigger!

    While we love delivering quality content through live events included in your membership, this was a sample of our inner circle program.

    Don’t panic! It costs pennies and not 4-5 figures!

    This club meets every single month to deliver not only a strategic business training (of member choice) but also to provide direct business coaching and consulting with me, your 6-figure success coach and CDI President.

    Plus, there’s a secret lair, a new coaching question each month you can use with your clients, thought leadership support from your peers, networking, lots of ah-ha moments, and fun.

    It’s called the Career Industry Accelerator Club and it’s sole mission is your business success!

    If you’re already in the Club, don’t skip off yet!

    So here it is:

    You can join the Club through Cyber Week (ending Fri, 12/01/2023) for just $199 for an entire year. That’s a savings of 63%. 

    If you’re already a member, you can add a year for $199. You can actually add multiple years if you want. (After 10 straight years, the Club isn’t going anywhere!)

    There’s a monthly option too.

    ROI is high in the Accelerator Club.

    The turning point in my career was about two years ago. I was burnt out. I had to do 20 resumes a month to just break even because my prices were so low. Truthfully, I was going to throw in the towel and just teach full-time as I am a college professor.

    I told my husband about my plans and he looked at me and said, “you can’t quit yourself.”

    It was then that things got real. I was a member of CDI so I started my growth path by joining the Fly Higher Tribe, now called the Career Industry Accelerator Club. I joined the group out of desperation but it was the best thing I ever did.

    Laura got me straight and the feedback from my peers in the group made all the difference. I doubled the cost of my resumes, packaged my services, and found things I could add to my offerings.

    A year later, I work half as much as I used to while making the money I need to grow. I still have work to do, but I can honestly say, I am glad I didn’t give up. CDI has made all the difference in my business. It has been a game changer for me.

    • Dr. Jeannine Bennett, Vision to Purpose

    IMPORTANT: We’re CLOSING registration on December 15th and putting up a wait list…

    Take a moment to visit the Club page to learn more about it and read more testimonials.

    If you’re ready to take your business to the next level or you just want the power of a supportive expert team behind you when you need it, you’ve got to join now.

    The special pricing lasts through December 1st.

    Registration closes on December 15th. Then you’ll get added to the dreaded waiting list. You don’t want that!

    Learn more, sign up, or add years here >>

    Watch the video lesson now:

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