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    How Resume Writers & Career Coaches Prepare for a Post-COVID-19 Market Boom (Infographic)

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    Strategies for Resume Writers & Career Coaches to Navigate a Post-COVID-19 Boom MarketCOVID-19 created global unemployment levels unprecedented in our lifetime. Over the past year, from quarantines to vaccinations, we’ve seen the work life of millions worldwide impacted as some businesses are still closed, some fail to reopen, priorities shift, and budgets are not available for rehiring. For resume writers, career coaches, and other career professionals, this has meant a year of uncertainty, with some experiencing epic highs and others, epic lows. Today, we stand on the precipice of a career services market boom of epic proportions as job seekers strive to compete and land positions as quickly as possible and thus, some strategy to move forward is necessary.

    Navigating the Post-COVID-19 Career Services Boom Market is Possible

    Even if you have not previously seen need, it’s critical to begin preparing now in order to be able to meet the demand levels with the quality and caring our industry is known for!

    In the following infographic, we have outlined what we call the five Ps of preparation necessary to meet this upcoming boom market. They include:

    Procedure, Partnership, Positioning, Profitizing, and Polishing

    When you check off each step, you will be far more prepared to serve the market while finding balance for yourself.

    Together we will lead the charge, helping job seekers worldwide to find their next positions and careers.

    Be sure to scroll down below the infographic for links to many supporting CDI resources.

    Infographic of the 5 P's for Resume Writers & Career Coaches to Navigate the Post-COVID-19 Career Services Boom Market

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