Resume Writers & Career Coaches: Stop Giving Away Your Expertise for Free (Video Tip)

Money Lost When You Give Away Your ExpertiseAre you tired of selling your service, such as resume writing or interview coaching, and then ending up giving away valuable information and time on the back end? It’s time to stop that cycle and start packaging and profiting from your knowledge.

Chances are you get asked the same questions over and over again by your clients, but just haven’t had a chance to put that information, coaching, or next steps into a resource that (1) gives you back precious time you’ve been giving away and (2) lets you increase the overall value and cost of your package by putting a price on that information.

In this 4-minute video and transcript, I’ll be sharing information on how to package and price those previously freebie instructions so you can get back your time and increase your revenue. I’ll also point you toward done-for-you resources below.

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Giving away your knowledge for free as an entrepreneur who needs to make a living… This is a mistake, but yet, it happens to us all the time because we get so busy, we never manage to take those repeatable processes and get them down on paper.

Think about it:

If you’re a career practitioner, resume writer, or a career coach, and you work one-on-one with clients, there probably comes a point where you’ve delivered a service, whether it’s a coaching session or a resume, and now there’s a, “What do I do next?”

If you don’t have that down on paper or you don’t have something else to sell, you, nine times out of 10, end up going ahead and spending free time with your client, telling them how to customize this resume for each position that comes up.

That’s time, you don’t get back. If you spend 15 minutes with 10 clients a month, that’s 150 minutes. That’s more than two hours a month of time you’re giving away, and that’s just 10 clients. Most of us have many more clients than that.

So, what else can we do?

It’s really, really important that you commit the time now, to going ahead and putting your repeat communications down in some type of a tool.

Do you have to write them? Absolutely not.

CDI members have access to many best practice tip sheets. One of them is specifically a downloadable “how do I customize my resume” tip sheet written directly to job seekers, that you can then put your logo on, customize in any way you want, and just hand over.

More importantly, put a dollar-amount on that.

So, that’s kind of a done-for-you benefit of CDI.

But you can also create it in a number of different media if you are not a member or just want to go a different route.

There are many instructions you need to give your clients.

Should you do a PowerPoint?

Should you just grab your phone and shoot a quick video?

Should you use a screen capture tool like Camtasia to walk them through, say, how to apply for a position online? Or, “these are my favorite sites to use for salary information”, or “here’s how to use this site for salary information”.

You could record an audio.

There’s so many different things you can do, but once you have created this tool for your clients, you don’t ever have to create it again, so it’s absolutely worth putting it on your calendar now.

Block-out two hours of time to create this thing so that you can start using it, and then as I mentioned before, put a dollar amount on it.

What is this worth to your clients?

Is it worth just the time it would’ve taken you based on your hourly-rate to share it, or is it worth more than that?

I would recommend, as I always do, that when you’re listing it as an a-la-carte item, that you, even if you’re not selling it a-la-carte, it should have a higher value than the time it took you to create it, because this is your proprietary expertise you’re sharing.

So, What rate should that have? Is it $37, is it $99, is it 199? It truly depends on what it is.

But the best thing you can do for yourself, your bottom line, your time, your freedom, and your client’s success is to just put it down.

So mark your calendar now; put it in there.

Two hours, block it out, get this done, and then you’ll have another tool to sell, add value, and rescue yourself from the dollars-versus-hours game we play of giving away too much information.

You only get so many hours, so let’s maximize their value.

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