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    Job Seekers: How to Avoid Resume Writing & Career Coaching Scams

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    Vetting Resume Writers & Career Coaches to Avoid ScamsThere are many highly talented professional resume writers and career coaches around the world who can help you expedite your job search to land your next position, even in the uncertainty of COVID-19. But there are also scams, which this page will help you to avoid!

    Let’s face it – ANYONE can create a website.

    When any market booms, predators see an opportunity to make a quick dime online, regardless of who it hurts.

    True professional resume writers and career coaches are PROUD of the difference they make. Therefore CDI has provided you with these resources in order to arm you with the tools to vet a service provider.*



    How to Verify Credentials of Resume Writers & Career Coaches

    * Please keep in mind that it is always critical to apply your own best judgment when hiring a professional. These resources are meant to provide a guide only. There is no guarantee that these will be a definitive indication of quality, talent, or professionalism of an individual or company. You should select a professional with the same care you would apply to any investment. As more and more job seekers turn to the internet to hire professionals of any kind, we simply want you to be well-informed, careful and aware.

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