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    Resume Writers: Profit with 2 Orphan Documents Clients Need

    Almost every one of my clients asks me how they can make more money with less time.

    Did you know you could be easily adding $100-300 to every sale you make with services that will take you minutes to complete?

    It’s true and in this lesson I’m going to share with you how you can easily do this with skills you already have. But if you DON’T feel confident with these services, I’ve shared links to the done-for-you, free-to-member resources we have available to help you rapidly assimilate these services into your business!

    In this lesson you will get:

    • Two services you can add to your packages (that all your clients need) to make more money with little to no extra time involved.
    • Edu-fear-acating stories/situations that show why these services have huge ROI to your clients.
    • Details on what each of these two services must accomplish.
    • Done-for-you instructions that you can share with your client along with a template and worksheet.
    • Different models for providing the services which range from providing instructions and examples to doing it for them. (You still won’t spend more than 30 mins if you complete both services for your clients).
    • Pricing examples for the varying levels of services.
    • Sample package layouts plus ways to incorporate these services into all of your packages for added revenue.

    If you want your clients to be fully prepared and don’t mind added revenue with little time involvement, this lesson is for you.

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