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    Evaluate Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services for Business Growth (Video Tip)

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    It’s a new year and thus it is time you evaluate your career coaching and resume writing services.

    Let’s face it, you likely have services you are listing that:

    • You hate to offer and probably avoid selling.
    • Job seekers turn down or never ask for.
    • Contradict or overlap each other creating confusion and loss of sales.
    • Are out of date and need to be updated or moved out.

    Just like you need to evaluate and raise your prices at least once annually, the start of a new year makes evaluating your career coaching and resume writing services a must for a streamlined, successful, and growing business.

    In this <5 minute video I talk about steps to take to determine what services are serving you and your clients. Additional resources and the video transcript can be found below.

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    It’s a new year, so should you evaluate your career coaching and resume writing services, or should they all stay the same?

    Chances are things are changing, and it’s time that you change with them.

    So, specifically for resume writers and career coaches, it’s important to take a look around.

    What is trending?

    What are job seekers needing?

    What are you providing that isn’t selling so well?

    For instance, there might be services that you’re offering that you hate to do. This is actually one of my favorite things when I work with a career professional one-on-one and we’ll be looking at their a-la-carte items and their packages, and I’ll say, “Well, tell me about this package here? How often do you sell that? How popular is it?” And there’ll be like, “Oh, I hate that one thing in it so I never push that. It never sells.” And I’m like, “Okay, have you ever thought about maybe we should just get rid of that, that there’s no reason for you to be offering that service?” And it’s like, oh, light bulb! And we happily recreate a package without that service.

    That’s one of the great things about being self-employed, is that even if it is something that job seekers really need and potentially want, you don’t have to do it if you don’t like it.

    You can outsource it.

    You can simply not offer it and have an entire pitch around why it’s not necessary.

    You can have an instruction sheet on how they do it themselves.

    Services that are coming to mind for me….

    Now, I love cover letters, thank-you letters, and reference pages, and I feel they are very much an important thing and I feel they are very much an important thing for all job seekers to have, but you might be a coach who doesn’t write and you might be a resume writer who just doesn’t want to do these things. It’s beneficial to do them because they are easy money, because they’re relatively simple to do, but it’s okay if you don’t want to do them.

    You can phase them out. Same thing goes for any service that’s on your list that you just never sell or don’t enjoy.

    You don’t have to be all things to all people.

    In fact, sometimes, having too many services can just lead to confusion, overwhelm. They’re not sure which package they should pick, what services they should select because there’s so many to choose from.

    So, think about dialing it back.

    Now is the time to really look at every one of your offerings and say,

    “Is this something I should maintain in my business? Can it go?”

    And also with the video we did last week,

    “Should I raise the prices on it?”

    Don’t forget that part.

    Take that time, look at everything, and don’t be afraid to phase things out.

    Don’t be afraid to say no.

    If it’s important, just find a conduit, a referral source, an instruction sheet.

    Like I said, there’s always a way.

    You may find a done-for-you tip sheet within CDI that gives people the information they’re looking for that you can then bundle in your services, and it takes you no time, no effort, and you can still make money off of it.

    Or you might partner with someone or have a referral source.

    Or you might, like I said, just say, “Nope, that’s not for me and I’m not doing it anymore.”

    I did that same thing when it came to career testing. I used to do career testing way back in the day when I worked with job seekers. And I just hit this point where I realized it took a lot of time, people didn’t value it in terms of what they seem to be willing to pay for it, I was always stressed because I wanted to make sure they left with their perfect solution. And one day, I was just like, “I don’t find this fun. Yes, it can be rewarding but if I work with a job seeker who needs a resume or coaching or some kind of support and we have a clear goal, that’s very rewarding and exciting and empowering and motivating, but career testing can lead to so many things. And yeah, it was time to let it go.


    What a freeing feeling to get something off of your plate that is no longer serving you.

    So, spend 30 minutes looking at what you have to offer. Maybe do a SWOT analysis on each thing, what’s the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities, the threats. You can also do that on your own business.

    Really get a sense of where you stand, what’s needed. Look at the services that are popular and just see what gaps need to be filled and what things you can just let go of to make 2022 a year that’s easier, freer, to make 2022 a year that’s easier, freer, and more empowered for you.

    Let’s do this! Take the time to evaluate your career coaching and resume writing services now.

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