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    Free Access: Employment References Best Practice Tip Sheet

    Creating Employment Reference Pages Best Practice Tip Sheet

    All job seekers need professional employment references, but many aren’t prepared. With your help, they can choose, prepare, and follow up with the best references, gather their information, and use them like a pro to leverage in their job search. Plus, it creates an added revenue stream to boost your dollars per client — what a win-win!

    With this need in mind, and in order to provide you with additional tools and resources for supporting Update Your References Week (always the first full week in May), CDI’s education committee has compiled this 4-page tip sheet from the master strategies of industry members. You will find content which includes:

    1. Why references are important.
    2. How to choose the best references.
    3. How to prepare a client’s references for this important role.
    4. What to include in the reference page for each reference, including some optional ideas that can add value.
    5. How to follow up with references throughout the interviewing process.
    6. How to utilize references.
    7. What to do in special circumstances, such as not having enough professional references.
    8. Additional resources you can use to promote Update Your References Week for media attention and to help your clients.

    Download the tip sheet (Your freebie): 

    Employment Reference Sheets – curated by CDI’s Education Committee from member contributions

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