Disaster-Proof Your Business (Core Lesson)

Career entrepreneurs, you need to read this!

Disasters aren’t just about hurricanes, floods, and natural catastrophes that put your business out of commission.

It’s the unexpected little things, like not updating an app, not having access to a password, or getting into an accident, which can derail your business. 

But, outside of a few extreme situations, if you make plans, have processes, and follow a number of easy steps, you can be back in business (or even operate seamlessly throughout) quickly and easily. 

In this lesson you will learn:

Processes you need to ensure an appropriate financial safety net when emergencies arise (and they will). 

Benefits of double redundancy backups. 

Ways to maintain emergency readiness for phone, backups, power, and storm supplies. 

When to do equipment checks for systems, apps and software, backups, and password access. Plus, the all-important unplug. 

How to think “grab and go” ready, both personally and professionally. 

Steps to make your emergencies stress-free with clients and prospects. 

Strategies for being proactive in work projection for a lower-stress disaster. Yes, the recent hurricane was like a vacation become of my advanced planning!

Approaches for gaining support on your website and your business during business interruptions (customer support and profit making).

Paths toward creating policies and procedures (and what you need to consider) to emergency-proof your business. Bonus – they can also prepare you for business expansion with VAs and staff, as well as for selling your business!

Plus access additional CDI resources for planning a stress-free vacation where you can still make $$, better managing your time, and using scripts and packaging processes to increase your revenue to gain the security you need.  

Don’t leave your business to chance.

Everybody needs time off, and you will take it by choice or by chance. The unexpected is inevitable, so it’s best to plan for it to the best of your ability. 

Be ready by taking steps now to disaster-proof your business!

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