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    Documents & Services Job Seekers Need You to Sell Them (Tip Sheet)

    Documents & Services Job Seekers Need You to Sell Them (Tip Sheet)

    Many career professionals are simply selling their job seeking clients what they ask for and not necessarily what they need to manage their complete job search campaign.

    Far too often, it is easy to sell clients just what they ask for, assuming if they wanted or needed more, they would tell us. But most people will job search only a few times in their lives, leaving them clueless as to what they really need. Sure, they KNOW they need a resume. But they have probably been led to believe the resume is the “magic” bullet.

    Using this tip sheet will allow you to:

    1. Minimize your risk of client dissatisfaction by providing a complete strategy solution.
    2. Increase your revenue per client (with less scrambling for dollars per hour).
    3. Help clients to be as successful as possible in their job search.
    4. Figure out how to get started and what resources you need (and where to find them).

    Special thanks to the CDI members and leaders who shared their expertise to bring you this 5+ page stellar resource. In it you will learn about:

    • Why you need to sell complete solutions to lower your risk of chargebacks and client dissatisfaction while increasing your revenue per client.
    • Most popular documents and items to include in your packages.
    • Who needs a package (and who doesn’t).
    • What to do to offer complete solutions now, even if you aren’t a coach or a resume writer.
    • Ways to find additional wholesale products/programs to enhance your packages.
    • Resources for free items to boost your packages.
    • Ideas for converting the knowledge you give away now into bonus value-boosters for your packages.
    • What documents, scripts, e-books, forms, assessments, coaching, and etc., you could/should be offering.

    Download the tip sheet:

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    Documents & Services Job Seekers Need You to Sell Them – curated by CDI’s Education Committee from member contributions

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