Up Your Resume Writing Sale With Two Add-Ons Your Clients Must Have (Video Tip)

Thank You Letters & Follow Up Letters Your Clients NeedWhat if you could simultaneously boost the profit from your resume writing sales AND help your job-seeking clients to improve their odds of making it to a second interview or landing the offer? You may be surprised to know that there are two documents you can easily prepare for your clients that meet these goals and will add very little time to your project!

I’m talking about Reference Pages and Follow Up/Thank You Letters for the Win-Win!

In this 4-minute video you will learn:

  • How preemptively offering a reference page can be used to help seal the success of a good-to-great interview.
  • The amazing power of a thank you/follow up letter (with situation examples) for either causing a candidate to lose an offer by not sending one or to turn around a failed interview and get a prospect a second chance (and the job offer).
  • Just-right element of using the letter to make sure the employer remembers which prospect your client was and why they were a fit!
  • Ways to keep these add-ons time-friendly and simple for you with different options for thank you/follow up letters from a template package to custom one-off letters.
  • How easy and quick the reference page can be and what it involves. (Plus, scroll below for links to a no-cost best practices tip sheet on employment references + link to FAQs – the ones that are free to non-members are at the bottom).

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I love talking about services that your job-seeking clients need, and that you should be adding to your package. A couple of these that always come to mind for me are thank you letters, thank you follow up templates, and reference pages.

With reference pages, your job seekers, even sometimes at the highest levels, they truly think that they’re going to have this opportunity to bring them back after they’ve had a successful interview. So many of them are going to go to an interview, it’s going to go great. If you prepare them with having references, then they’re going to be able to say at the end of the interview, “Oh, by the way, I have these references and letters of recommendation for you. Would you like copies now?” Sometimes that can be all an employer needs.

I had a client, one of the last ones I worked with, who came back and said, “I left there, and I got to my car in the parking lot, and they were already calling me to go to the next step.” They didn’t even need to check references, because he’d had some proof and some confidence.

But if they don’t have that, what happens? They end up going, “Oh sure, I can get those back to you.” Does that mean they’re out of consideration? No, but how much more powerful is it to be prepared with references?

Same thing with the follow up thank you letter. If your clients don’t know to do this, stats are something like 1% of job seekers send follow up thank you letters. But I’ve found that:

Some employers demand it. I actually was doing a placement one time, I told the client to send a letter; they did not send it. And the employer who was going to hire them changed their mind. And I was, like, “Why?” And they were like, “Well, she never sent a thank you letter, and therefore, I don’t think she’s my kind of person.” That speaks huge volumes right there about how important it can be.

But also, a follow up letter can save your client’s butt. Not everybody is a great interviewer. New grads, technical people, sometimes nervousness — anybody, you just sell yourself short, and then you think, “Well, I blew it.” I actually had a job seeker one time, an engineer, say, “Oh, I don’t want to use the letter we were going to do, because I blew it.” And I had him tell me about it, and I’m like, “No, you want this job! You’ve told me you want this job. We’re going to save you with this letter.” And so we wrote this custom letter, and got him in the door. And when he ultimately got hired, they were like, “You weren’t even under consideration after your interview.” So, again, we saved him with this letter.

Sometimes this letter just lets you remind them which one of the great candidates you were.

So you’ve got to do this for your clients. You can have a template package of different thank you letters, where they fill in the blank thank you follow up letters. You don’t have to do the one-on-one custom that I did. I like to do it, because it gave me a chance to find out what the client was doing, and sometimes sell them into other services they needed.

References, we’ve got free on the CDI website, anyone can access them, resources on our “Update Your References Week” page. There’s a template, there’s instructions, but start educating your clients, and then it takes you just moments to put a header on these templates, and this reference page, and make, potentially, a couple more hundred dollars on your package with both add-ons, while ensuring your client is more successful.

So this, to me, is a have-to. I don’t want to see any more document packages on people’s sites, that don’t contain references and thank you follow up letters.

Let’s do this! Let’s help our clients stop missing this critical gap, so they can be even more successful.

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