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    Getting Resume Writing & Career Coaching Prospects to “YES” with Smart Service Packages

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    Replay - Get to Yes with Smart Service Packages for Resume Writers & Career Coaches

    When it comes to resume writing and career services, it’s so important to establish smart service packages.

    Otherwise, it’s simply too easy to get stuck on either just selling what the prospect asks for (vs needs) or having only one package.

    Even if you think you’ve only got a few services/offerings, this is a big mistake!

    You’re opening yourself up to risks and you’re limiting the client to a yes/no vs options-based response.

    In this session I’ve laid out what works in terms of:

    • Why you need packages and the job seekers who most benefit from them.
    • How the Goldilocks & the Three Bears fairy tale will help you create a package system that is just right.
    • What to include in each package.
    • When to make the offer.
    • How to create the incentive so the packages are most appealing but it’s a win-win.

    In fact, here are some highlights:

    Creating a Winning Package System for Resume Writing & Career Coaching Services - Tips

    There’s a psychology to packaging that will work for you in guiding your prospect to the solution that is truly best for them to go out and nail their job search!

    Watch the replay below to learn how to stop leaving money on the table and win more client sales.

    Replay & Next Livestream

    Next Wednesday, 1/24/2024 at 3:45 PM Eastern we’re going to be talking about:

    How to Magnetize Prospects with Certifications and Credentials.

    Earning credentials can be a secret weapon in standing out to prospects in a huge, unregulated pool of ‘professionals’. But, it’s also only half the equation. We’ll also focus on how to really make your credentials and other wins work for you to do heavy lifting in your branding, social media, and marketing.

    Be sure to join me on LinkedInYouTube, or in our Facebook group every Wednesday at 3:45 PM Eastern. And, don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe so you stay in the know!

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