4 Resume Writing Mistakes that Are Killing Your Interview Chances – And How to Fix Them

Resume Writing SecretsSo you’ve written a resume and you’ve been sending it out but not getting the interviews you deserve. If the following sounds like you, you’re likely making a few mistakes that can hold you back from receiving the interviews you deserve. Luckily, there are solutions.

“I sent another resume out into the stratosphere today.” I shared with my husband.

“That’s good,” he replied. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but how many does that make?”

“30 and zero replies,” I whispered. Each submission drained a little more self-esteem and hope from my already emotional mental state.

Unexpected layoff does that to a person. Challenges you. Drains you. Makes you question your very being.

The first time I experienced layoff, the retailer I worked for went out of business. The second time, it was a manufacturing company that was hit hard by economic downturn. Both were incredibly difficult to get through … emotionally and rationally.

There’s no denying that job loss is a painfully difficult path to navigate, but with the right help, you really can make it through to the other side.

Here are 4 resume writing secrets that have helped entry- to executive-level job seekers craft an irresistible resume and land coveted interviews:

  • Open with a powerful introductory statement that is focused on your value. You want the opening of your resume to grab attention by providing a snapshot of how your value proposition, experience, and accomplishments offer great ROI for the employer.
    – This statement connects the dots between what the employer needs in their next candidate and the critical problems you have the skills and experience to solve.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments. I have yet to find an employer who is impressed by a list of responsibilities / tasks performed. HR Managers already know what the requirements of the role entail … what they don’t know is how your skills and experience are the answer to their needs.
    – Yes, pull keywords from your job description + online job postings, then make it crystal clear how you’re going to … make your next employer money, drive growth, reduce costs, streamline operations, expand market share … deliver results.
  • Avoid lengthy entries. They take up space and sabotage your success. Write tight and stay focused on conveying your milestones by highlighting information that is wholly aligned with your target audience’s needs or requirements.
    – Hit the high points and save the details for the interview.
  • Freshen Up Your Format. You want (scratch that …) You NEED a document that is visually appealing. Let your competitors use one of the pre-loaded templates that are included with your software package. To make your information pop use a bit of color … a deep blue or burgundy font for your name + headers; text enhancements or shading for subheadings.
    – You don’t have to create a full-fledged graphic resume to get noticed, but a bit of color / text enhancements will help draw attention to important information and help you stand out.

The key to a great resume is identifying business problems that companies need solved and clearly articulating how you have the expertise to do just that! By implementing these four resume writing secrets into your document, you will be better positioned to move forward faster!

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