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    Schedule Resume & Coaching Clients Without Sacrificing Time (Video Tip)

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    How to schedule clients without sacrificing your time

    We always want to provide great customer service but this doesn’t mean we have to make personal sacrifices to be at the beck-and-call of our clients during nights, weekends, or any other time slots we simply don’t want to consult.

    It’s OK if you have daddy daughter time, and shouldn’t sacrifice that!

    It’s wonderful if you have a lunch every Saturday with your friends, and shouldn’t let that go because a prospect can only do Saturday!

    It’s important to keep doing the things you value or eventually you won’t be there for your clients!

    In fact, you might have found that bending over backward to give up your precious family and leisure time for a client who can ONLY talk on Saturday morning or in the evening might not even be giving you the ROI you expected.

    There can actually even be a perception of how professional our services are based on when we schedule appointments. 

    Eventually giving away your time, any time, will have repercussions:

    You will pay the price of working through social and exercise time that give your life (and your body) both joy and balance. 

    Your family and even your friends will come to resent your business. 

    You’ll potentially feel frustrated realizing life, and time you will never get back, has passed you by. 

    You might find you spend more time waiting on appointments who never show or had no intention of truly investing in themselves.

    You may end up burnt out and bitter. 

    The good news is you CAN readily get prospects to adhere to your available schedule with just a few simple words and actions.

    In over 20 years of setting appointment boundaries with job seekers for career services, I’ve only lost 2-3 because I only took appointments from 11-4 Tuesday and Thursday. I initially learned the hard way, but you don’t have to!

    In this 8-min video, I will cover:

    • Wording that easily get prospects to go along with the consultation schedule YOU want to work vs what might be most convenient for them.
    • Boundaries in your scheduling to consider that will keep you from making sacrifices that you think are letting you grow, but may actually be holding you back.
    • More wording and posturing that puts your prospects at ease and makes them comfortable to move forward in working with you.
    • Perception you can easily work into your responses that helps prospects see you as a professional.
    • When to shut up to give prospects time to accept your schedule instead of talking yourself into a corner (and giving in).

    It’s all about loving your business instead of having your business run you.

    I want you to be in it to win it!

    This is one key step that will give you balance, control, and time! 

    Watch the video now:

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