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    How to Add $3000+/mo in 0-4 Hours to Your Career Service Business (Core Lesson)

    Make More Money in Less TimeYou’ve likely seen it all the time when pitching your services to prospective job seekers:

    You know they desperately need to get at least the basics on the hidden job market, interviewing, and salary negotiation, but it’s not happening because:

    1. You don’t have the hours to teach this stuff 1-1 (your schedule is already packed).
    2. They don’t have the budget to purchase this service with you 1-1.
    3. You aren’t pitching packages or are assuming they’d ask for it if they wanted it.

    In this lesson I will share with you the exact same model I used in 1995 to leverage my own knowledge to break the 6-figure income barrier while cutting my 1-1 client hours by more than 50%.

    What’s better is this still works today and is the best way out there to stop trading dollars for hours, free up your time, make more revenue, and teach clients what they need to know to succeed. 

    Topics include:

    • Four different models for educating clients on the how-to of job search, interviewing, and salary negotiation so that you can dramatically reduce your 1-1 client hours while growing your revenue.
    • How to convert your expertise into evergreen (make money while you sleep) content that requires zero time on your part.
    • Script for upgrading clients from group or evergreen programs into 1-1 laser-focused sessions.
    • Strategy for pricing and profit of programs.
    • Topics to include in your evergreen and group knowledge programs.
    • What to do if participants want to remain anonymous.
    • How to evaluate different methods of delivery to find the one best for you (in your pajamas, presentation materials/no presentation materials).
    • Script to circumvent concern you’re sharing information that a participant might already know.
    • Where to quickly find content for your programs.
    • Tools for presenting and recording your programs.

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