Newsletters are Dead – Do This Instead to Fill Your Pipeline (Video Tip)

Get new customers with these strategiesYes, that’s right: It is time to stop beating yourself up for not finding the time to send your print or e-newsletters!

But you’ve just got to leverage those lists of clients and prospects to create a pipeline of new sales as these are your low-hanging fruit!

What’s fantastic is that what works now will take you a fraction of the time that the old, tired newsletter took.

In this 8-min video I share:

  • What’s working best to capture attention in the cluttered inbox today.
  • Different modalities you can use in your emails.
  • How to move the needle with your prospects to generate cash.
  • One way to get a flood of business from your current list.
  • Ideas for campaigns and emails to get you started.
  • Importance of a sexy IFO.
  • How to plan a year of content with a little planning.
  • Understanding how much is enough (or too much) during a campaign.

Watch it now.

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