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    Business Acceleration & Accountability – Get to Goal On Demand Event

    CDI Acceleration & Accountability Live Event

    We kicked off the New Year with a fantastic business accelerator and accountability event. In just 75 minutes we networked, set goals, established accountability, celebrated wins, and left feeling great.

    The event scored 10/10 on the participant survey in EVERY category!

    If you’re wanting this kind of business connection, fun, and focus, be sure to sign up for our next Accelerator coming in March!

    It’s included in your annual or monthly CDI membership!

    For now you can get a jumpstart by:

    1. Following along with the video.
    2. Downloading the goal forms.
    3. Signing up for our next live events (Business Acceleration, Your 90 Day Plan with CDI, and our Networking Lunch).

    What We Did

    1. Identified personal and professional wins in the past 30 days.
    2. Determined the strengths we used to attain those wins.
    3. Brainstormed the goals we wanted to achieve professionally in the next 30 days.
    4. Noticed themes and patterns in our goals.
    5. Got clear on one big rocks goal that could change our game.
    6. Focused our resources to attain our goals across the next 30 days and the high-impact WHY of doing so.
    7. Learned two powerful coaching questions to use with our clients.
    8. Connected deeply in pairs, trios, and as a group to celebrate, share, and set accountability.
    9. Jammed to some fun and empowering music.

    Attendees rated the event:

    • Attendees gave the event a 10/10 overall rating in the survey.
    • 100% agreed in the survey that they effectively came up with goals for the next 30 days.
    • 100% strongly agreed in the survey that they felt more connected to our member community than before the event.
    • 100% agreed in the survey that they would be very interested in attending another Business Accelerator session.

    Attendees described the event as:

    Business Acceleration Event - 1-2023 -WordCloud

    Attendees liked most about the event:

    • Hearing others’ stories.
    • Setting some some concrete goals for the next 30 days and hoping to make significant progress towards attaining these goals.
    • Having authentic conversations.

    Attendees provided additional feedback on the event:

    • It’s my first CDI event and I’m excited to participate in more!
    • Nothing to add!
    • Thank you for hosting this!

    Ready to Accelerate Your Business? Watch On Demand + Get Handouts

    The Business Acceleration and Accountability event is a regular offering within CDI. But why wait for the next one when you can set and attain goals now?

    Watch the video and download the goal sheets now. You’ll get to see some of the networking and deep connecting to get you excited for the next one, but the plan to follow is all here.

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