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    Resume Writers and Career Coaches Being Negatively Impacted by ChatGPT

    Livestream replay - Is OpenAI impacting sales, pricing, and profits for resume writers and career coaches in 2023

    There’s a group of resume writers and career coaches who are being negatively impacted by ChatGPT.

    (Don’t worry, it’s fixable).

    Through CDI’s critical industry analysis survey, we’ve identified the culprits behind any declining business – that’s the star of our upcoming Wednesday livestreams.

    We didn’t initially identify ChatGPT as playing any negative role until we we were planning this week’s livestream, which happened on 10/25/2023 and covered a comparison of pricing, sales closing, and profits from 2022 to 2023.

    Suddenly, there it was!

    Low-priced packages of under $1000, and especially in the $300-500 range, showed the biggest decline across the board.

    (I’m just summarizing here what I went into deep on the livestream, which you can replay below.

    Association members will find the replay below along with the slides and a free USP-building prompt you’re going to LOVE.

    So, back to it.

    Up until ChatGPT came on the scene, low prices made for an EASY sale.

    But to put out a quality, life-changing service requires working way too many hours to sustain this pace with profit.

    Yet without even raising prices these practices are suddenly experiencing a lull, and it’s not ending.

    We’ve sadly seen low-priced businesses closing this year because they think they’re done in by ChatGPT replacing them.

    The truth is, you’re only done in if you don’t have a process that moves prospects from believing it’s all do it yourself (DIY).

    That is the actual killer.

    Think about it:

    At $300-500, job seekers were patting themselves on the back for offloading an ‘easy’ DIY onto you.

    But now they think ChatGPT is a new and free DIY.

    Does it work? No.

    Will they eventually come back to you? Probably.

    Can you afford to wait? Doubtful.

    You can change this with an educational consultation process that moves prospects from DIY mentality to valuing the ROI of an investment without banging up against ‘unaffordable luxury’.

    Here’s a quick summary of what needs to change. Please watch the livestream for more.

    ChatGPT Negative Impact on Resume Writers and Career Coaches

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