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    How To Handle Multiple Job Offers

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    Handling multiple job offers can be tricky. On the one hand, there is the excitement of starting a new job, particularly if you endured a long job search that felt like it would never end. On the other end, you are down to one final hurdle to cross — choosing the right job offer.

    How do you pick the right one? What should you consider when you have multiple offers on the table? How do you choose between multiple job offers? Below are three questions to consider when presented with competing job offers.

    How To Handle Multiple Job Offers

    1. Reflect on your goals for your life.

    First, think about your ideal life and how each role aligns — or does not align — with that overall big picture. This may seem like an obvious first step when you are trying to decide between multiple job offers. However, I find job seekers often get quickly distracted by big tech jobs, significant titles, and large salaries with impressive stock options and RSUs. 

    Subsequently, ask yourself how each company and role support the ideal life you dream of. If you have a partner, be sure to include them in this important discussion, too. Here are a few questions to get you started as you reflect on how these opportunities align with the vision you have for your life:

    • What are my salary expectations? (Consider both base salary and the total compensation package.)
    • What benefits, vacation time, and other additional perks do I need and want to feel fulfilled?
    • How do this company and culture support my vision of work/life balance?

    2. Review your goals for your career.

    Next, think about how each opportunity aligns with your goals for your career. Consider both your immediate career goals as well as your long-term career goals. You want to contemplate how this next opportunity will play to your strengths as well as enable you to grow professionally. Unless this is your final career move, you also want to contemplate how this opportunity will set you up for success in your next role once you re-enter the job market.

    Additionally, think about if there are any areas where you are looking to develop your knowledge, skills, or expertise. If one of your career goals is to gain experience in leading teams or learning new software, for instance, consider which opportunity will be most supportive. Many of the job seekers I work with actively seek out companies that promote and encourage employee growth and professional development.

    3. Tap into your intuition.

    Now that you reviewed your goals for your career and your life, consider harnessing the power of your intuition. Your intuition can be a powerful tool to support you when trying to decide between multiple opportunities. Yet, when presented with several offers, many job seekers forget to slow down and really check in with themselves.

    Frequently, I encourage my clients to flip a coin when they are trying to choose between two or more job offers. Importantly, the coin flip is not deciding your next step for you. Rather, you are simply using this technique to check in with your intuition and see which job offer your unconscious mind is most aligned with. As soon as you see the result of the coin flip, you will likely know which offer is right for you.

    Finally, know there is no perfect answer when it comes to deciding your next move. This next job is just a single step in your bigger career journey. You’ve got this!

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