Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award Winners

When we think Kick Butt, we will always think of the late Pat Schuler.

It may have been the name of two of her programs – Kick Butt Sales and Kick Butt Women – but Pat was the epitome of the Kick Butt spirit as an entrepreneur, friend, and leader. She has led many career industry professionals she coached to walk her path and evoke her beautiful and powerful spirit.

So with the Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award, CDI is seeking to recognize one career professional each year who has truly been kicking butt!

The criteria for the award is simply based on recognizing someone who best represents what Pat stood for:

  • Fearless in creating and innovating within the industry and/or the individual business.
  • High integrity in communicating with others, customers, peers, colleagues, and on social media.
  • Life-long commitment to learning demonstrated through personal stretch to pursue additional training in new areas.
  • Focus on giving back through industry contributions such as industry committee participation, mentorship, or article contribution.
  • Maintain active CDI membership.

Nominations are either self-nominated or from a career industry colleague. 

Voting for the winner is open to all career professionals. Each year your nominations and votes decide who kicks butt! 

2021 Winners & Nominees

We had only two entrants for 2021 and they are both winners in an unprecedented tie.


Sharon Williams, JobRockit, self-nominated - read nomination >>

Tiffany Cruz, Power Writers USA, self-nominated - read nomination >>

2020 Winner & Nominees


Nickquolette Barrett, iRock Résumés

Nickquolette won with 58.49% of the votes. You can read her nomination below.


Nickquolette Barrett, nominated by Kari Solomon read nomination >>

Matthew Warzel, self-nominated read nomination >>

Evelyn Salvador, self-nominated read nomination >>

2019 Winner & Nominees


Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru®

Wendi won with 95.92% of the votes. You can read her nomination below.


Wendi Weiner, nominated by Marie Plett read nomination >>

Tiffany Cruz, nominated by Nadi Jonesread nomination >>

Lori Jazvac, self-nominated read nomination >>

2018 Winner & Nominees


Camille Roberts, CC Career Services

Camille won with 86 votes (75.58%). You can read her nomination below.


Maureen Farmer, nominated by Lotte Struwingread nomination >>

Camille Roberts, nominated by Darlene Dassyread nomination >>

Lori Jazvac, self-nominatedread nomination >>

CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, was extremely honored to be nominated by Marie Plett. However, she has declined to be considered in the spirit of this being meant to recognize a CDI member. If you would like to read the nomination, you can do so here. (Addition: CDI Board members presented Laura with this plaque at their 2019 meeting in January after a few members spoke up and asked that Laura be honored. Below is a photo of the plaque. There is also a 2-min video of this recognition that can be seen here).

Laura's Kick Butt Recognition

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