CDI Is Accepting Nominations for Kick Butt Award + President’s Thank You

Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award logoAre you a career professional who kicks butt? Or do you know one who does?

We are now accepting nominations and self-nominations for the second annual Pat Schuler Kick Butt award.

The criteria for the award is simply based on recognizing someone who best represents what Pat stood for:

  • Fearless in creating and innovating within the industry and/or the individual business.
  • High integrity in communicating with others, customers, peers, colleagues, and on social media.
  • Life-long commitment to learning demonstrated through personal stretch to pursue additional training in new areas.
  • Focus on giving back through industry contributions such as industry committee participation, mentorship, or article contribution.
  • Maintain active CDI membership.

So if you or a career professional you know meets this criteria, then be sure to get in a submission. You can learn how here

In 2018 your entries and votes resulted in Camille Roberts of CC Career Services being recognized as our first annual Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award winner. We are very proud and excited for Camille, and can’t wait to see who wins in 2019. Be sure to act soon as entries will only be accepted until October 8, 2019.

A Big Thank You from Me, Your CDI President, Laura DeCarlo

I was nominated for this award last year. But as CDI’s President, it was necessary to remove myself from the nomination process. However, when some of the members learned that Marie Plett had nominated me, they reached out to her to see about a way to recognize me anyway.

So it was a complete surprise when I met with two of the members of the CDI Board January to be presented with this member award. I can’t begin to thank everyone enough who spoke up to Marie asking that something be done to recognize me. I am so incredibly honored and it fuels me to keep working hard to make CDI the amazing resource that it is for career professionals. Thanks to each of you who do your part to make CDI great, as members, volunteers, leaders, and representatives of our amazing industry!

Below is a 2-min video in which Marie Plett and Audrey Prenzel surprise me with the plaque. (See close up of plaque below video). Special thanks to Kim Robb Baker, who couldn’t be present. Thanks again to all the members who put this idea in Marie’s head to turn my nomination into a recognition.

Laura's Kick Butt Recognition







Are You Ready to Show the World You Kick Butt?

Then take a moment to learn more about the Pat Schuler Kick Butt award here.

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