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    The Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award

    Open for Nomination/Self-Nomination

    The idea was brought to CDI by member Virginia Franco and we can't think of a better way in which to honor Pat. She left us far too soon but we celebrate her legacy with this annual award!

    When you think of Pat Schuler, you will always think of kicking butt.

    It may have been the name of two of her programs - Kick Butt Sales and Kick Butt Women - but Pat was the epitome of the Kick Butt spirit as an entrepreneur, friend, and leader. She has led many career industry professionals she coached to walk her path and evoke her beautiful, powerful, and successful spirit.

    So with the Pat Schuler Kick Butt Award, CDI will be seeking to recognize one member each Fall who has truly been kicking butt!

    The criteria for the award is simply based on recognizing someone who best represents what Pat stood for:

    • Fearless in creating and innovating within the industry and/or the individual business.
    • High integrity in communicating with others, customers, peers, colleagues, and on social media.
    • Life-long commitment to learning demonstrated through personal stretch to pursue additional training in new areas.
    • Focus on giving back through industry contributions such as industry committee participation, mentorship, or article contribution.
    • Maintain active CDI membership.

    Nominations (self or third party) will be open during part of Fall each year.

    Nomination submissions are closed until Fall 2023.  

    The nomination process:

    Nomination is free.

    Create a document in MS Word that has sections for each of the bullet points above. Then describes how the nominee meets the listed criteria and is qualified to win the award. The 2022 deadline is Wednesday, 10/19/2022. Email your nomination by the deadline to info@nullcareerdirectors.com.

    The selection process: 

    It is once again based solely on CDI member votes.

    Rules for 2022:

    • In evaluation of prior years, we have opted to now limit voting to professional industry colleagues only. Please no friends or family.
    • Nominations will only be open to CDI members.
    • There is only one vote per member. Anyone who manages to double vote will be excluded from being counted toward the results.

    The winner is announced in November, date depending on how the selection process runs.

    The winner will be sent a logo and certificate to represent and market their achievement. The competition winner will be required to use the name of the award in any and all promotions; substituted names that may be misleading as to the scope of the award are not acceptable.

    Help us honor Pat's legacy. Go out there and kick butt for your business, your life, and in memory of Pat Schuler!

    Rest in Peace, Pat Schuler. You are deeply loved and we honor the difference you made to our lives and businesses. 

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