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    Master Mentor Consulting Program

    Do You Find Yourself…

    Resumes for Dummies 8th Ed
    • Entering resume competitions but not getting nominated? Or getting nominated but never winning?
    • Just not sure how your skills stack up or what you need to do to take your writing and layout skills to the next level?
    • Wishing you could create more dynamic and visually exciting resumes with ease?
    • Ready to kick up your skillset, your confidence, and your rates in resume writing?
    • Wanting to pursue advanced credentialing like the Certified Master Resume Writer?

    Then CDI’s Resume Writing Master Mentor Consulting Program is for You!

    In this intensive and exciting laser coaching program, you will work 1-1 with Laura DeCarlo, CDI’s President and an industry leading resume writer and multi-resume award winner, to evaluate your resume writing, abolish any weaknesses, build upon your strengths, and dramatically enhance your skills.

    How It Works

    We laser-focus on YOU and your resume writing!

    Before each session, you will be given instructions for submitting 1-2 resumes for review. These resumes are typically representative of what you feel showcases your strongest work, but can also be ones that you found most challenging. They can also be ones you have previously entered in the TORIs or for CDI certification. Along with those resumes you will also share any specific goals or challenges you would like to tackle.

    It’s OK if you are not sure what your next steps should be at this point. Individual sessions will be tailored to the strategies that you need to help you to rapidly ramp up your technique and strengthen any areas needing improvement.

    Together we will transform your resume writing.

    These 1-1 sessions will include instructional assignments and could cover:

    • Information gathering techniques for writing richer, more developed content, capturing results stories, and brand.
    • How to write and set hooks in job descriptions to keep employers/reviewers engaged and wanting to really read for details.
    • Effective funneling strategies to pull employers/reviewers into the document from the start.
    • Ways to easily move from passive to powerful, dynamic language.
    • How to find your client’s brand and unique selling proposition in the content gathering process.
    • Easy ways to take static content and layouts into more dynamic, industry-appropriate presentations with graphs, graphics, charts, and color.
    • Strategies to apply key words in effective and scannable presentations.
    • How-to formatting to improve scannability and visual presentation.
    • Ways to identify bottom-line unique value for your client in the summary.
    • Keys to capitalizing on the CAR (challenge, action, result) model to engage reviewers and sell your candidates.
    • Sessions that build on themselves to dramatically boost your writing in the shortest time possible.

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    What You Will Receive

    This is an exclusive personalized program chock full of resources, tools, and solutions to cut right to what fast-tracks YOU to becoming the best resume writer you can be. Join resume master, Laura DeCarlo, for:

    • Three individual, deep-dive sessions by phone with 1-1 expert guidance on improving your resume writing, feedback on document changes, and effective techniques to interview, write, design, and produce powerful resumes.
    • Screen sharing will be used during the sessions to show you solutions in real-time. A video of each session can be provided upon request.
    • When design changes are made in real-time during your session, you will be emailed the documents for your use.
    • Valuable guidance tools and materials will be provided for your use with shared material, edited resumes, and ‘after’ resume ideas emailed to you following each session.
    • Copy of CDI’s Resume Certification guide will be provided for more tips and step-by-step strategies on formatting in MS Word and writing.
    • Copy of my book, Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition in Kindle format.
    • Sessions that build on themselves to make sure you are leveraging the strategies and ideas and incorporating them into your resumes.
    • A new take on the resume development process, increased confidence and power in your resume writing, and the opportunity to take your craft to the next level…perhaps to win a CDI resume award. An award, such as a TORI can easily triple your business, position you to charge more, and pick and choose the clients you love to work with!

    How this Program is Different From a Resume Course

    How to Get Started

    In a structured course, you fit yourself to a set program curriculum that follows an A to Z path meant to cover the typical requirements of writing resumes better.

    But that’s most likely not what you need!

    As an experienced resume writer you are still most likely going to learn more in a course, but you are also going to be stuck spending lots of time on information that you already know and do, never gaining direct input on where you can dramatically improve your OWN writing, information gathering, and development process.

    The CDI Resume Writing Master Mentor Consulting Program is NOT a one-size-fits-all curriculum meant to satisfy the needs of all resume writers.

    Instead, it is a highly individualized, 1-1, laser-focused process where you work with an award-winning industry expert to cut right to what YOU need to improve your writing.

    You can expect to make dramatic strides in your writing with this unique, tailored approach beyond any other method available in training.

    Because of the highly individualized 1-1 nature of the Resume Writing Master Mentor Consulting Program, space is extremely limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve availability and a waiting list may be made available. Additionally, if entering a CDI annual resume writing competition is your goal, you won’t want to wait to ensure ample time to prepare!

    Who is NOT a Candidate for this Program

    If you are new to resume writing or feel you are still getting the hang of the craft, this program will not provide the amount of time needed to bring you up to speed. Instead, check out CDI’s  Resume Mastery course. Having a resume certification to participate in the program is not mandatory, but it is a good indication of having a background ready for this advanced tutelage. This program is not for specialized federal resume writing.

    About Your Mentor

    Laura DeCarlo entered her first resume writing competition while attending her first PARW conference (1996?) and won a first place award for Most Visually Distinctive Resume. She entered her next competition after joining CDI (then PRWRA) in 2000. From that competition she won ‘Most points overall’, first place for Best Resume Format, first place for Most Creative resume, second place for Best Resume Content, and second place for Best Functional Resume. (She’s proud to say she and Gayle Howard competed and both took home first place awards way back then)! From the results of that competition, she was asked to join the Board of Directors as VP of Awards where she directed the awards, now called the TORIs. She later created and hosted the World’s Best Resume Writer competition. Laura’s work has been featured in over 16 resume writing compendiums and she is the author of Resumes for Dummies, 7th and 8th editions.

    Hundreds of resume writers have refined their resume writing craft by learning from Laura, and she can boast that any private resume writing client who has pursued the TORI awards has gone on to win after working with her.

    Highlights of Laura’s relevant achievements:

    • Authored Resumes for Dummies, 7th and 8th edition, and has been published in over 16 other resume writing books and authored three other industry books. She has also edited numerous resume reports and e-books.
    • Ran an award-winning university placement program with a placement rate of 94-97% within 90 days of graduation for 7 consecutive years (much attributed to the quality of their resumes).
    • Traveled nationally offering transition workshops for the US government and presenting to peer groups and job seekers at multiple international and national conferences.
    • Guided the development of all CDI’s resume certification programs and resume writing award programs.
    • Quoted extensively on resume writing trends by major media and has her pulse on the dynamics of today’s winning resume.
    • Holds the highest credentials in resume writing.
    • Helped thousands of job seekers to attain career success, especially in her former crazy-paced role as Resume Expert for 54 national and international professional associations.
    • Directed a global team of nine resume writers to complete job seeker projects with high success rates.
    • Helped hundreds of career professionals to hone their resume writing craft in order to attain certification, resolve client conflicts, grow their businesses/improve their program stats, increase their earnings, write faster, be more creative, love their businesses, and to win CDI resume awards….YOU COULD BE NEXT!

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work privately with the industry’s leading resume writing expert! And, perhaps there will be a TORI award in YOUR FUTURE! But no matter what your goal, you will dramatically propel your resume writing skills.

    Ready to make the leap? Register now.

    CDI membership is a prerequisite to registration. For the 3-pay plan, your first charge will be paid upon registration. The following two payments will be processed in 21 day sequences to correspond with a second appointment booked three weeks out, and the final appointment to follow at another three weeks.

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