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    Business Strategy, Coaching & COVID Support Career Pro Webinar (Video)

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    Pajama Jam COVID 19 Webinar for Resume Writers & Career CoachesNeed to super-charge your resume writing or career coaching practice during this challenging time? Want to amp up your resume writing skills in the downtime? Need some positivity and motivation? Then this webinar recording is for you!

    This was a powerful live event! In fact we went 90 minutes instead of 60! I presume, based on a message from one member, that we were all jamming in our jammies since this was screen sharing and not face sharing!

    But even so, we covered some serious ground based on the questions members showed up with. We were really able to leverage the webinar format effectively to provide demos on CDI, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s so much more powerful when you can SEE what I am talking about and how easy it is to use these tools yourself.

    Topics and takeaways:

    What to do when business has ground to a halt during COVID-19.

    • Avenues for getting financial support during this challenging time.
    • Strategies to communicate with former clients to get on their radar and get them to return.
    • Finding the silver lining in downtime to create systems and build authority/visibility to get business flowing and to ensure it stays stable in the future, despite uncertainties that might arise.
    • Education strategies and incentives to entice people to invest now.
    • Creating initial free offers on your website to begin building a prospect list, if you don’t have one now.
    • Performing research on LinkedIn to show what your colleagues are doing in terms of offers, job seeker education, and building authority.
    • Looking at Facebook groups as a channel for connecting with clients and prospects.
    • How to get clients to give you kick ass testimonials so you can turn prospects into hungry buyers.

    How to alleviate sticker shock with returning clients when you now charge more and/or don’t work with that level client anymore.

    • Understanding the edu-fearacating and show-and-tell concept that helps people see this isn’t a DIY process.
    • Busting beliefs that lower level clients don’t have goals bigger than their current level and serving those.
    • Getting past expectations that lower level clients or clients in small communities won’t invest if not properly directed.
    • CDI tools to use to close 4-figure packages to clients at all levels.
    • Creating referral relationships for win-wins when the client isn’t a fit or just won’t pay your prices.

    Using downtime to advance your resume writing skills and possibly pursue a TORI award or nomination.

    • Accessing all the resources on the new TORI award landing page.
    • Studying award-winning TORI resumes.
    • Where to access all the resume writing tutorial videos from award-winning resume writers.
    • No excuses — we have a tutorial video on how to create ATS-friendly graphic resumes.

    Best CRM and online calendar tool(s) + disaster planning for your business.

    • Tools members are using.
    • What CDI uses (and why we no longer use what we used to use).
    • How to use the CDI forum to search for answers or ask questions.
    • Steps to take now and in the future to disaster-proof your business (not business-building but equipment, data, schedule, etc.).

    Finding valuable stuff on the CDI website.

    • Where to grab your CDI member badge.
    • How to stay perpetually logged in.
    • Where to find top CDI resources.
    • Using your dashboard and tools like top favorites and read later bookmarks.

    Understanding your value, raising your prices, and a la carte pricing of services when you offer packages.

    • How to effectively price your a la carte services.
    • Understanding the importance of what you do and why it’s important to profit from your services.
    • Different ways to raise your prices to fit your comfort zone, and how to get them.
    • Having evergreen services in your packages and pricing them in the a la carte list.
    • Recognizing shifts you must make to maintain high close rates when you’re going from no-brainer low rates to higher quotes (that you need to stop struggling and be rewarded for the value you provide and the difference you make).
    • What to do with showing a la carte and package options when you don’t have one set resume writing fee, or set fee per level.

    Be sure to scroll below the video for links to every CDI resource I referred to and a few external ones I recommended!

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