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    Easy way to successI want to share with you some quick and very easy ways you can get more out of your CDI membership!

    #1 – Never Login Again

    That’s right! If you click the “remember me” button when you login, you will never have to remember your password again on that device! It will not time out and you will stay perpetually logged in! That way, when an email hits your inbox about a lesson, you can click the link and log right in. If you subscribe to member forums, then that link will take you directly to the discussion.

    #2 – Join the Member Forum

    Did you know that you can get answers to your questions from fellow members? That you can learn about sub-contracting opportunities? CDI offers six member forums, which include: resume writing, business, career services/coaching, LinkedIn profiles, and subcontracting. You can access the forum from the top right corner of any web page. There are instructions for subscribing to the various forums. When you subscribe, questions and answers show up directly in your email inbox. To participate, just click the link in the email and you’ll be taken directly to the thread (as long as you’ve enabled perpetual login).

    #3 – Keep Lessons at Your Fingertips

    Don’t have time to read a lesson that just popped up in your email? Just click on over to it from the email and at the top you will see the option to add it to your reading list. Then, when you need to access it or have the time to read it, you can always find it in your reading list on your member dashboard.

    #4 – See What’s Trending

    Any lesson, webinar, article, or other how-to item in your CDI member’s section has the ability to be added to favorites. Many members love this feature and it has created a great way for fellow members to see what is trending. When you are on your member dashboard, look at the gray bar on the right of the page (on the bottom if you are on a device instead of a desktop). You will see categories for: Recent Member Resources, Member Top Favorites, and Recent Forum Posts. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date!

    #5 – Help Job Seekers Find You

    CDI has a very robust Find a Career Pro database. But, if you haven’t personalized your profile, you are missing out on chances for job seekers to find you. You can access your listing from your member dashboard. Be sure to include a great head shot and create a profile that sells you. Keep in mind that writing a bio won’t get prospective clients excited. You want to really leverage your value and the return on investment you offer, so get to selling yourself here.

    Also, we truly recommend that you actually select each category from the professions menu, as otherwise job seekers viewing your profile will see that you chose “any/all”. It feels more personal when you select each category, although that will take a few moments longer. There is an in-depth profile lesson you can read here.

    >> Additionally, consider becoming a CDI blogger to gain considerably more visibility. Our trending blog posts have earned 4000+ unique views.

    >> Finally, get any of your books listed on CDI’s website with links to purchase or download.

    #6 – Grab the Tools We Know You Need

    Trying to figure out how to do something such as price or sell packages, improve your resume writing, or tweak your website? After surveying members last Fall, we pulled together a one-stop resource to all the popular lessons and tools in the areas members said they most needed. On your member dashboard, you can’t miss, “Want to get more out of your membership? Must Read! Click here for next steps.” It leads to a link for the 14-page Ultimate CDI Member Resource Guide to Success.

    In this, you will find everything you need to know on: Websites, Time Management, Getting Clients, Business Start Up & Growth, Pricing & Selling, Resume Writing, Publishing a Book, Client Control & Customer Satisfaction, Hiring Subcontractors, Additional Services to Provide to Clients, Working with Executive Clients, and What to Do With Resume Updates. You can access the guide directly here.

    Get the Most by Acting Now

    If you spend just a few minutes on these activities now, you’ll make it easy to get the most ROI from your CDI membership. I look forward, as always, to seeing you fly higher!

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