How to Land with Grace and Gratitude

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Congratulations on your new position!

Enjoy the next few days or even weeks before you embark on your new adventure. There are some things you should do as you wrap up your search and move forward in this job and really, the rest of your career.

Here’s where you need to show gratitude to your network. Circle back to them. Think about those who made an introduction, forwarded you a job lead, gave you an informational meeting, proofed your resume, listened to your interview or not-hearing-the-phone-ring woes, and so on.

Share your news and thank those who helped you.

  • Circle back to recruiters you worked with. They often get a bad rap, but they can be some of your strongest collaborators. Reach out to every single one that screened you – whether it resulted in an interview or not. Thank them for their time, and let them know you landed. Offer to share any of their future searches with your own network.
  •  CALL your intimate network and tell them that you have found and accepted a position. Then, keep going. It’s fun news to share!
  •  Tell your broader network via email. Yep! Every single person you spoke to during your search should hear the great news. Send a short note to your entire network (it can be a mass email with blind copies to protect privacy), letting them know that you have landed in a new role and thanking them for their help.

Email subject line: I’ve accepted a new position!!

Hi! I have landed a wonderful new job as CFO/Controller at Widget Corporate Thanks so much for all your help during the past months with my job search. I could not have done it without you. I think that Widget will be a great fit for me and for them. Thanks again! I hope we will stay in touch. Please let me know if I can help you at any time and in any way.

Best regards,

Tricia Martin

  •  If possible, one or two weeks in to your new job, send another email out to your network. Tell them that things are going well, and share your new contact information.
  •  Do something nice for those who really hung in there with you. Your advocates and champions were there for you throughout your job search. It’s time to thank them personally. You know who they are. An inexpensive but thoughtful gift is appropriate here. Cook a tasty dinner (you could even invite them all at once to celebrate). Send them a handwritten note, along with something you’ve baked or made; or flowers from your garden. Whatever it is, make it special. It’s the recognition and thought that matters here.

People love to hear they have helped someone, whether it’s a planned effort or casual conversation. Reach out and let them know! Then, when your thank-yous are done, remember your promise to pay it forward.

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  1. Marsha Toy Engstrom

    Barb: I so love these actionable ways in which folks can thank their supportive community! Many job seekers have trouble asking for help—when so many of their friends and associates are more than willing. Showing gratitude in these specific ways can make it easier for them to ask for the help they need the next time, give them opportunities to pay it forward, and also help them cement some of those new relationships they’ve begun to build. Excellent advice! Gratitude is great—Gratitude with Grace is a wonderful value-added…

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