One Easy Way to Dramatically Improve Cold Conversions When Prospects Call (Video Tip)

Handling cold calls with a smile

When prospects call do they hang on your every word? Do they sense you are invested and interested in helping them? Do they want to learn more and become eager to take the next step with a consultation?

If some of these pieces aren’t coming together for you, it could be just one simple step you are missing.

This is SO SIMPLE yet often missed in telephone communications and it can cost you BIG.

No one can afford to lose a prospect who was interested enough to pick up the phone.

The same applies to our existing clients. We don’t want them to experience buyer’s remorse when engaging with us!

So, spare just three minutes to learn about the easiest (and happiest) step you can ever take to better client and prospect phone engagement!

When prospects call, you can be ready!

Watch the video now: 

Video Transcript

Today I’m sharing one of the easiest things you can do to improve how each of your client consultations goes. Well, really any time you pick up the phone until you get really comfortable with this process.

So, many many years ago in the dark ages of the Internet when we still had the Yellow Pages, I attended a fabulous workshop with BellSouth Yellow Pages on the power of using a mirror when you’re talking on the phone with someone.

They talked about just have a little handheld mirror where you can see it on your desk so that you’re aware of the expression you have, with your goal being to smile.


Because it’s really hard to come across as negative, down, boring, dreary, angry, if you have a smile on your face!

Now if I were to just talk like this <talking monotone>, you would really quickly understand what I’m talking about because it’s really kind of boring. If I got distracted and did that at the same time it would be even worse.

So it’s really really important that you learn to smile when you’re talking to someone.

And obviously voice inflection, tone, speed; all of that comes into play in how you sound to the recipient.

But starting with a smile is a huge thing because they will hear it in your voice.

Again, it’s hard not to sound positive and upbeat when you’re smiling.

I can’t remember off the top of my head… Oh, Dean Curtis and Associates; I don’t think they’re around anymore. But I remember attending a workshop that Dean Curtis did many years
ago. They had put job seekers in private booths with telephones and desks. Then they had put other job seekers, it was like a split test, in the same type of little areas, but they all had mirrors.

So half with mirrors, half without mirrors.

Their goal was to make cold calls to employers.

Literally hands-down the ones who had mirrors — really over 50% — out ranked the successes of the ones without mirrors in landing interviews and follow-up conversations.

So the mirror is a really powerful way to sound great and engage your clients.

So try it:

Get a little mirror, put it on your desk, and you might want to do it just with some personal conversations first – friends and family.

Get used to the whole looking at yourself while you’re talking and learning to talk and not get distracted by, “Oh I need to fix that”.

You’ll find that it really does make a fabulous  difference in how you sound. (And shortly you won’t need it anymore.)

So get your mirrors and get smiling!

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