Advice From Recruiters on Using Job Boards & LinkedIn for Job Search Success

Find Jobs with Job BoardsAs career professionals, we have found that job seekers tend to rely too heavily on job boards for their job search and end up wondering why they aren’t getting interviews.

Although it’s best practice to apply a diverse job search strategy, we know that recruiters often source candidates from job boards.

But how do recruiters leverage job boards to find talent, and what are the best job boards to use?

The CDI Education Committee posed that question to a handful of recruiters from various industries to discover the answer to:

Do you use job boards to source candidates, and if so, which ones?

We heard from five recruiters and HR professionals with feedback on:

  • Whether job seekers should be using job boards at all for their job search.
  • When to use niche industry job boards.
  • Whether the big name job boards are worth your time.
  • How to know whether a recruiter is using a job board or not.
  • Advice on what it takes for job seekers to land their next position.
  • The value of LinkedIn for job search and tips for leveraging it.
  • Specialized job boards recruiters like that you might not be thinking about.
  • What sites even a job search generalist might get value from in their job search.
  • The #1 recommended resource for online job search.
  • Whether there is more ROI from applying direct on company websites vs. their listings on job boards.

Special thanks to recruiters:

Lindsay Pearsall, CPC, CTS | Director of Human Resources at Aspect Consulting LLC

Ron Beck | Director of Healthcare Leadership & IT Recruitment at Carecor Health Services Ltd.

Tina Nicolai | Founder and Chief Resume Writer at Resume Writers’ Ink

Christian Kaijser | Managing Director at Career Evolutions

Heather Bellingham | Talent Acquisition Lead at Bonfire

Learn all about what they have to say now.

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