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    Career Directors International Lifetime Achievement Award

    CDI's Lifetime Achievement Award for resume writers and career coachesCDI offers a distinguishing Lifetime Achievement Award recognition to any career coach, resume writer, or other career industry professional who attains excellence through industry longevity, contribution, and lifelong learning.

    The Career Directors International Lifetime Achievement Award will be conveyed once per year to all CDI members who have met the criteria (listed below).

    Required Criteria

    Industry Longevity: Member of the professional resume writing or career services community for a minimum of ten (10) years and a member of CDI for a minimum of the past three (3) consecutive years.

    Certification: Earn and maintain the Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM) and/or Master Career Director (MCD) credential.

    Awards & Recognition: Earn a minimum of two TORI nominations or one TORI award* in the last three (3) years or be nominated for or win one Career Innovator award*. Consideration will be made for a Director of Awards who serves 3+ years and who would thus be ineligible to enter.

    * In lieu of an award, the following may substitute (completed in last 3 years):

    Continuing Education: Complete a cumulative 45 hours of industry training such as conference attendance or teleclasses over the past four (4) years. Must include at least one CDI course/certification or Annual Summit.

    Industry Contribution: Sit on a CDI committee for the past one (1) year with approved active participation in at least one major project (course, certification, survey and report).

    Membership: CDI membership is required.

    Award Submissions

    If you believe you have met the criteria to attain this recognition, then please submit your list of criteria to info@nullcareerdirectors.com by November 17, 2022. You are required to submit proof of any non-CDI activities. To be considered, please use the category titles above so that we can easily find the match between requirements and your accomplishments and contributions.

    Past Award Recipients

    Recipients of the new Career Directors International Lifetime Achievement Award, created in 2011 to replace the LAAMRW and LAAMCD:

    • Carolyn Whitfield, Total Resumes – 2021
    • No awards conveyed – 2016-2020
    • Damali Curry Edwards, Conscious Recruiting, Inc. – 2015
    • No awards conveyed – 2014
    • Laura Labovich, A & E Consulting, LLC – 2013
    • Robin Schlinger – Robin’s Resumes® – 2013
    • Sharon Williams – JobRockit.com – 2013
    • Barbara Safani – Career Solvers – 2012
    • Darlene Dassy – Dynamic Résumé Solutions – 2011
    • Patricia Duckers – CareerPro Global, Inc. – 2011

    Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award as the Master Resume Writer Lifetime Achievement Award:

    • Gillian Kelly, Career Edge – 2008
    • John Donovan, CRS Resume Service – 2008
    • Gayle Howard, Top Margin Resumes Online – 2007
    • Annemarie Cross, Advanced Employment Concepts – 2007
    • Susan Guarneri, Susan Guarneri Associates – 2006
    • Laura DeCarlo, A Competitive Edge Career Service, LLC – 2006

    Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award as the Master Career Professional Lifetime Achievement Award:

    • Tony Deblauwe, HR4Change – 2008
    • Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing – 2008
    • Don Skipper, Career Beginnings, Inc. – 2008
    • Mary Elizabeth Bradford, Career Artisan – 2008
    • Laura DeCarlo, A Competitive Edge Career Service, LLC – 2008
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