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    Be a CDI Blogger – Now Open Recruitment

    Build your visibility, credibility, and exposure to job seekers as a guest blogger for CDI. 

    We’ve now opened this up to all members on a by-application process! No CDI credentials, awards, or leadership roles required to qualify — just great writing! This opportunity will close as soon as we will our openings.  

    Things are heating up at CDI! Our blog is driving traffic to the website (and thus to our bloggers). We’re now tracking 4000+ unique page views on our hot topic blog posts!!

    Why should you become a guest blogger? 4000 potential unique views on YOUR post says it all. But, here’s the whole list of benefits:

    • Build authority with job seekers and prospective clients.
    • Increase inbound links to your blog or website.
    • Extend your reach and gain readers for your own blog.
    • Expand your business with your new visibility.
    • Establish relationships with other bloggers and industry leaders, which could lead to other opportunities.
    • Develop more Google juice for your name, blog, and/or website.
    • Get mentioned again and again in CDI’s social media stream as we post all blog posts in six different locations to Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn.
    • Post the Blogger logo wherever you want it – clear back logo in high resolution makes it great for print and web use.
    • Did I mention be seen by over 4000 unique viewers a month if your topic is hot and engaging? What could that do for your business?….

    CDI guest blogger categories

    Approved categories available for guest blogging include:

    Credit for CDI guest bloggers

    All approved CDI guest bloggers will:

    • Be listed in the blog category, CDI Trusted Bloggers.
    • Have their status included in their directory listing.
    • Have their posted showcased in eight different CDI social media streams.
    • Have a signature with photo, micro bio, and up to one URL link at the end of each approved blog post.
    • Earn one CEU for each approved post (can apply to Lifetime Achievement Award, MCD and renewal, CARW and renewal, or can be used outside of CDI as well)

    Who is a CDI guest blogger candidate

    CDI guest blogging will not be for everyone, however. To be selected as one of our elite guest bloggers you must meet certain criteria:

    1. Able to write in a fluent, engaging, and authoritative manner.
    2. Maintain current CDI membership and requisite standards.
    3. Meet and maintain the criteria in the attached guest blogger agreement.

    Interested in getting started?

    To apply you will need to send one email to CDI that includes the following:

    1. Signed guest blogger agreement.
    2. One sample of your best writing in either article or blog post form. It does not need to have been previously published. Your optons are to paste it in the email body or attach it to the email. Please DO NOT submit an e-book, entire book chapter, or link to where an article or blog can be found. Please DO NOT submit more than one writing sample or multiple emails. Please BE SURE to carefully and thoroughly review your writing sample submission as second submissions will not be granted.

    We expect a high volume response, so those not following instructions will not be considered.

    If you have previously been released from blogging by CDI, please do not reapply at this time.

    Signing the agreement does not guarantee you a role as a CDI expert guest blogger. The opportunity will be assigned based on writing quality and open space.

    Emails should be sent to info@nullcareerdirectors.com. Response time is 2-6 weeks.

    Download the Guest Blogger Agreement now>>

    NOTE: The agreement has not been updated to stipulate this but the minimum word length for posts is now 300 per SEO standards.

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