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    Cyber Week Specials

    Expert Webinars & Teleseminars

    for Resume Writers and Career Coaches

    On-Demand Master Classes - Video & Audio Lessons in Resume Writing, Career Services, Career Coaching, Business Start-Up, Business GrowthCDI's teleclasses and webinars provide resume writers, career coaches, and career entrepreneurs with the power and freedom to become an expert, wherever you want.

    CDI members have access to complementary webinars and teleclasses 4-6 times a year.

    CDI members can also access over 80+ complementary on-demand programs from the member library.

    All CDI master classes (expert teleclasses and webinars) fall into four categories:

    • Career/Biz Accelerator Calls (CBAC) – Stop reinventing the wheel and start using done-for-you CDI resources by joining CDI's President and Audacious Entrepreneur Architect, Laura DeCarlo, to utilize the tools you need to meet your goals.
    • Hone Your Craft (HUC) - Supercharge your resume writing, career coaching, social search strategy, and more.
    • Tactical Biz-Tech Buzz (TBTB) - Stay up-to-date with new technologies to support your businesses and your clients/client services.
    • Build Your Business (BYB) - Establish and grow a 6-figure plus career services business without the stress.

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    Lorraine Wright

    21st Century Resumes

    I had to write and thank you for the fantastic teleclass: Overcoming Your Money Hang-ups. Every CDI teleclass I’ve done so far has been extremely helpful and relevant to my career as a resume writer, but this one was a revelation…it blew my socks off! So thank you so much for this amazing teleclass. I know it will affect me in many areas of my life from now on. It would have been worth twice what I paid for my yearly CDI membership, only it was free! So thank you...

    Melanie Lenci

    Résumé Relief

    I just listened to the LinkedIn Buzz call recording and LinkedIn's PR Rep, Erin O'Harra, led a super informative session. As the 2nd Place Winner for the 2011 Best LinkedIn Profile TORI, I considered myself up on all things LinkedIn yet I still benefited a great deal by listening to this hour long session…and now my clients will benefit too! Thank you for bringing us such fantastic expertise once again.

    Laura Labovich

    Laura Labovich

    A & E Consulting, LLC

    I just wanted to take a moment to rave about the FREE teleseminar on Prospering Despite a Downturn Market.

    To think I almost missed the call! My head is spinning since the call ended. I wish I had been more prepared to take notes, because the ideas that were suggested were nothing short of brilliant. I honestly did not want the call to end. In short, I learned easy ways to increase my exposure in the market- place during a market downturn, without spending a lot of money or dumping my last dollar into advertising. I think this could be a 10-part series, and I know that I wouldn't miss a single one.

    What a great class ... thank you!

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    Susan Barens

    Career Matrix Group Ltd.

    I just wanted to thank you for providing the free teleclasses as part of CDI's member appreciation program. I cannot begin to tell you how informative they have been, as each class has answered so many questions I have been pondering for quite some time. CDI and their dedicated panelists have truly been advocates to the industry and its members.


    Sari Neudorf

    SDN Consulting

    WOW! The Linkedin Buzz call was better than you advertised, really. The facilitator was clear, direct, and knowledgeable. Making the site user friendly for me means I can better serve my clients. Thank you for making this happen. My CDI membership is priceless.

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    Kate Duttro, D.Ed.


    Thank you for putting together the series of free teleclasses on many pertinent topics for members.

    This is exactly the kind of activity I think true learning organizations should be supporting. It gives members the benefit of others’ expertise and visibility to those doing the presentations.

    So glad to see it as a regular benefit to membership.

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