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    Apply to Volunteer for a CDI Committee

    Learn by Volunteering with CDI

    This is your chance to make a difference, to influence the careers and resume industry through CDI, and to build your knowledge, credibility, and network.

    What can volunteering with CDI do for you?

    It will provide you with the chance to:

    • Get a badge to display showing that you are a CDI volunteer. It will also show up on your CDI Find a Career Pro profile.
    • Share your knowledge, experience, passion and wisdom with your colleagues and the world.
    • Expand your network and develop partnerships and friendships within the industry.
    • Be on the cutting edge in the careers industry by exploring new ideas and pioneering new programs. You will learn and grow, gaining access to new knowledge, resources, tools, and information.
    • Gain credibility by participating in creation of new resources for CDI members as well as the world via social media channels.
    • Earn CEUs that can be used in earning or renewing industry credentials. Every hour of participation equals 1 CEU.
    • Move toward positioning yourself for a CDI President’s Award.
    • Participate on a committee with no term obligation. (We have many members who have been with us for years and stay because they love it. If you discover it is not for you, there would be no obligation to stay.)
    • Earn bonuses such as free group coaching and education sessions with CDI President and 6-figure success coach, Laura DeCarlo.

    Committees & Other Opportunities

    Most committees typically meet once per month via phone and are arranged to coordinate around the diverse schedules of our international members. Award judges meet by phone once per competition to review the rules and guidelines for judging. Summit volunteers sign up for different slots at the event, ranging from five minutes to one hour.

    We invite you to contact us at info@nullcareerdirectors.com for more information on any committees or volunteer opportunities you may be interested in exploring.

    All CDI volunteers earn CEUs! One hour of volunteering equals one CEU. This is a great way to build the CEUs you need to renew industry certifications or pursue credentials like the Master Career Director or CDI Lifetime Achievement Award.

    We do accept individuals volunteering at industry organizations other than CDI such as other career associations and related entities as long as it is not for an overlapping area. For instance, if you are on an education or certification committee elsewhere you could be on CDI’s PR committees but not our education or certification committees.

    The CDI Education Committee is currently seeking members.

    About the Education Committee & Outreach Ambassador Committee:

    While CDI has multiple committees, only two areas are currently open to volunteers.

    Our committees are all collaborative. The committee process is highly democratic in that you participate in the selection of topics for future projects and volunteer for projects. Plus, we are constantly reviewing feedback and experiences of members to make sure it remains a fun learning and networking experience.

    Education Committee:

    You are the thought leaders of CDI developing educational programming for CDI’s membership, job seekers, and the careers industry.

    This could include brainstorming and executing (as part of a team) ideas for webinars, tutorials, best practice tip sheets, recruiter voice, industry survey reports, job seeker Q&As, and other materials. It also includes curating industry content from the internet.

    You should love to write — specifically taking content we gather from members, curating it and creating outstanding written materials. (A lot like resume writing, really).

    Outreach Ambassador Committee:

    You are the ambassadors of CDI building a bridge between CDI and its members and prospective members to create greater awareness and community.

    This includes participative support of various levels depending on your skillset. (In other words, you aren’t expected to do everything). You will be curating relevant content found online to start up conversations in the Facebook group, and could be supporting lives, identifying guest presenters, welcoming new members, helping to boost our referral program, or getting involved in planning, and even working with our marketing team to recruit/create member-generated social media.

    You should love CDI and talking about it to industry colleagues, be comfortable sharing information, and have some interest or skill in marketing.

    Other Opportunities by invitation only:

    • Committee Director
    • Award Competition Judge
    • Resume Certification Committee Member

    What’s Entailed / Who Should Not Volunteer

    We welcome any CDI member with open arms who would like to volunteer. However, you aren’t a fit if:

    #1 – You can’t attend monthly Zoom meetings live AND be present in the session.

    Committees meet about 9-10 times a year. We’ve found that if you can’t make the commitment to come live due to a job or your time zone, you don’t end up participating.

    Currently the Education committee meets the 4th Thursday at 11 AM Eastern on Zoom – a time which was selected by the global committee members. The Outreach & Ambassador committee is currently forming and will select a mutually-acceptable time.

    #2 – You don’t have a few hours to commit each month.

    We recognize that many want to give back but just don’t have the time. Depending on what you are doing with a committee you might only attend meetings for a few months and then work 10 hours on a project. Or you might consistently spend 1-5 hours beyond the meeting in the role you define.

    #3 – You’re a Board Member of another association in the careers industry.We are totally fine with cross-pollination if you are on a committee or in a volunteer role with another group and it’s not the same group.

    Ready to volunteer?

    Send us an email at info@nullcareerdirectors.com.

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