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    6 Critical Reasons Hiring You Is a Corporate Risk

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    Over the years in my private executive coaching practice, my clients have come to me time and again for customized job interview coaching. Regardless of whether they have been recruited by an organization or they are pursuing opportunities on their own after a corporate downsizing, the questions and concerns follow a particular theme.

    Hiring is a risk to employers for various reasons and when you approach important hiring conversations with your targeted companies with this perspective, you are better prepared.

    Taking on a new job is a major life event for you and your family. Various factors need to be considered, including the commute, the compensation, the responsibilities, your new team, your direct reports, and so many others.

    Please understand that as you are busy considering this new opportunity and its potential advantages and disadvantages, and how it will impact your family, the hiring authority is doing the same with you.

    Here is what they might be thinking about during your executive job interview.

    1. Will hiring you outweigh the potential risks for my company?
    2. Turnover rates for professionals and executives is 46% over an 18-month period.*
    3. Hiring is expensive: The total cost of a salaried professional earning $60k after 18 months is estimated at greater than $650k when you consider the cost of recruiting, selecting, onboarding, training, and lost productivity during the onboarding period. Multiply that by at least 3 times for an executive-level position.
    4. Employers are bound by statutory laws that favor the employee and present potential challenges for employers when the employee does not perform to standards. The employer wants to be assured you will be a good performer.
    5. Employees are hired for technical competence and fired for poor behavior.*
    6. Hiring decisions are seldom made by the hiring authority alone. Divisional leaders have a vested interest in your candidacy, including sales, marketing, finance, customer service, technology, manufacturing, and operations. What do you know about each of these areas?

    You will need to assure the hiring authority that you are the right choice based on their concerns by providing evidence.

    Your evidence is based in your unique value proposition. What three unique skills, competencies, or accomplishments set you apart from others vying for the same position?

    Here are the questions you need to answer:

    1. Will you make money for my business?
    2. Will you save money for my business?
    3. What unique problem will you solve?

    The magic of these answers is in the “how”. Your accomplishments, education, and your metrics will help the employer understand why you are a good risk to the company.

    *According to Leadership IQ.

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