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    Unmotivated At Work? 4 Easy Ways To Find Inspiration

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    “Why am I so unmotivated at work?” I often receive this question from professionals who are returning from the holidays and feel demotivated about getting back to work. How do you find inspiration at work when you’re just not feeling it? Continue reading to learn four quick ways to find motivation in the workplace when you’re feeling bored.

    4 Great Ways To Find Inspiration At Work

    It’s normal to feel disengaged from work from time to time. Here are four quick ways to regain your inspiration when you don’t want to work:

    1. Make work more fun.

    A good place to start is by identifying ways to make your job more enjoyable. Personally speaking, having Netflix or Judge Judy playing in the background often does the trick, particularly for laborious tasks like clearing out my email inbox after a long weekend.

    You might also consider trying online coworking spaces, which are becoming increasingly popular as remote workers fight off isolation and loneliness in the work-from-home era. You can search virtual coworking options online or simply work remotely with a friend or colleague.

    2. Harness the power of gamification.

    Another option worth considering when you’re feeling uninspired is gamification. Although I’ve written about this strategy previously in Forbes with regard to looking for a new job, you can also apply it to your current one.

    This might look like breaking your larger projects into smaller tasks to make them more approachable. The Pomodoro Technique (25-minute work sprints with 5-minute breaks) is a simple yet powerful strategy worth trying here.

    You can also reward yourself with a lengthier break if you finish your work project earlier than anticipated, which can help you stay on track and motivated.

    3. Reward yourself.

    Speaking of rewards, you can integrate an incentive system into your daily work schedule. This might look like rewarding yourself each time you complete a certain number of Pomodoro Sprints.

    Potential rewards for completing your work might include:

    • Checking your social media profiles
    • Watching an episode of your favorite TV show
    • Going for a coffee run

    Everyone’s motivation looks different, so feel free to get creative and incentivize yourself in a way that will inspire you to do your work.

    4. Switch up your work location.

    A change of scenery can also help when you feel demotivated at work. From a local coffee shop to the public library, there are countless places to work in this day and age.

    If you have the luxury of working from home, working from a different spot can make a big difference in your mindset and help fight monotony.

    One of my clients began working from their apartment complex’s business center and found it boosted their energy and motivation. Another client recently started working from their gym and saw their productivity spike.

    What To Do If You’re Unmotivated All The Time At Work

    Most professionals experience ebbs and flows in their motivation levels regarding work. However, if you’re chronically unmotivated, burnt out, or even hate your job, you’ll want to go beyond quick fixes and find a long-term solution.

    Tap into your why.

    For starters, visiting your deeper motivation can help you unlock your inner inspiration and make work less boring. Moreover, many professionals are gravitating toward careers that are more than “just jobs,” so if you find yourself chronically unmotivated all the time, it may be because you desire a more meaningful career.

    The following questions can support you as you begin this process:

    • Why did you pursue your current career path in the first place?
    • If you had a billboard, what message would you put on it, and why?
    • How important is it to you that you make a positive difference through your work?

    Speak with your boss.

    As you tap into the root cause of your apathy toward work, it might be worth talking with your boss, since they want you to be successful in your role.

    It’s important, though, that you come to the conversation with your manager equipped with solutions, not just problems. This might look like asking for a special project or looking for advice on switching to another department so that you can gain a different perspective and new skills.

    Look for a new job.

    Lastly, if you’re consistently feeling unmotivated at work, it may also be a sign that it’s time to look for a new job that brings you more fulfillment and joy. As I’ve shared previously, consider searching for a new gig if your bad days outweigh your good days.

    Please remember that looking for a new job isn’t the same as putting in your notice. It’s simply that putting feelers out and surveying the employment market can help rekindle your motivation and creativity.

    Final Thoughts On Finding Inspiration At Work

    On a final note, try not to be too hard on yourself if you’re feeling unmotivated at work. Work is only a single aspect of your identity, and it’s unrealistic to think you’ll be constantly motivated. In fact, experiencing boredom at work can provide you with space in which to tap into other aspects of your life that can support your career. Give yourself permission and time to find your inspiration. You’ve got this!

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