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    Three Steps to Boost Your Job Search During The Holidays

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    How to Boost Your Job Search During the Holidays

    Looking for a new role during the holiday season can be stressful, particularly if you’ve been recently laid off or are trying to escape a toxic workplace. Keep reading to learn the best and worst months of the year for hiring, as well as how to accelerate your job search during the holidays.

    In What Month Do People Get Hired The Most?

    While hiring trends vary across industries, January and February, May through July, and September and October are historically the most popular times of the year for people to get hired. That said, hiring trends vary dramatically based on industry, company size, and business model, as well as the type of role you’re targeting.

    What Are The Hardest Times Of The Year To Get A Job?

    November and December tend to be some of the hardest times of the year to get a job, since companies are wrapping up the calendar year, concluding Q4, and busy planning for Q1. Additionally, many recruiters and hiring managers are celebrating the holiday season and using their paid time off before they launch into the new year.

    3 Steps To Boost Your Job Search During The Holidays

    1. Consider temporary roles to speed up your search.

    If you’re looking for a new job during the holidays and want to land something quick, you might consider targeting a contract role. The COVID-19 pandemic led many companies to be more cautious in their recruiting and hiring practices, shifting toward hiring additional contract workers since they can quickly hire — and terminate — them as business needs dictate.

    Many companies, including Fortune 50 tech giants, ramp up contract hiring during the holiday months, and these roles can be a fast way to land a role, particularly if you’re unemployed or in a toxic work environment and simply need to get out. Moreover, these organizations often prioritize these candidates when making permanent hires.

    Please remember: Your next job doesn’t have to be your forever job. Instead, it can simply keep you busy and mentally stimulated, get you out of the house, and allow you to continue to broaden and deepen your network as you look for that perfect role.

    2. Diversify your job hunt risk.

    Speaking of finding your next role, take time to review the types of companies and positions you’re seeking. Although it’s important to target specific roles in today’s competitive job market, it can also pay off to diversify the types of organizations and roles you seek out, since there are fewer open roles during the holiday season.

    If you’re a product leader, for instance, you might consider hedging your bets by applying to director, VP, and head of product roles, as well as applying to both startups and established companies.

    3. Know response times will be slower during the holidays.

    Finally, since the holidays tend to be a slower time for hiring, alter your expectations that employers will get back to you immediately regarding your job application. Additionally, expect that your job search will take longer, especially if you’re targeting an executive-level role.

    However, don’t be afraid to check in with your recruiter and ask if they need anything from you to facilitate the hiring process, since it’s easy for emails and follow-up to fall through the cracks during the busy holiday season.

    Final Thoughts On Job Searching During The Holidays

    While not everyone has the luxury of pausing their job search during the holidays, ask yourself whether you really want to be looking for a new role right now, or if your time and energy could be better spent somewhere else. Sometimes the best step you can take when looking for a new job is to take a break from the stress of looking for a position and then restart your search in the new year. You’ve got this!

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