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    Top 5 Job Search Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

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    Common Job Search MistakesIf it’s been a while since you searched for new employment opportunities, you might be surprised at how much the process has changed and the extent to which job sites have evolved. It’s no secret that online job postings have replaced newspaper print advertisements but did you know that hiring authorities now turn to social media to get a better idea of who you are and there is more emphasis on personal branding and the value you offer your next employer?
    As you prepare to navigate a modern job search landscape, here are 5 common mistakes I see clients make that you will want to avoid.

    1. Using Your Work or An Unprofessional Email Address

    Yes, your email address matters. Although your family and friends don’t care that you’ve chosen cheersforbeers, camperbabe, madforhunting or some other hobby-based email address, hiring managers and recruiters do notice and your resume could be promptly placed in the “no” pile. It is also unwise to use your work email address. Doing so shouts you that you are okay with using a company-owned resource to look for new opportunities.
    You want your email address to convey a professional image, so take the time to create one that won’t wreck your chances of securing interviews by sticking to a combination of your first and last name or a variation thereof.

    2. Oversharing Information

    I get it! You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity, so you’ve taken the time to include every detail of your work experience on your resume. The reality of the modern job search is you have mere seconds to prove your value and, if your document passes through the initial ATS scanning, the hiring authority won’t take the time to read through excessive details.
    To avoid oversharing, take the time to identify what it is you really want (what is your career goal) and research what employers are looking for in a candidate for the type of role you are pursuing. Arming yourself with this information will help you align your skills, experience, and success stories directly with your target employer’s needs and will also aid in keeping you focused on solely communicating value-added information.

    3. Only Uploading Your Resume to Online Job Boards

    Job boards list thousands of job openings from a wide range of industries/employers and provide easy access to available jobs; however, not all job openings are posted online and that translates into missed opportunities. While there is no denying online boards provide job seekers with the ability to apply filters (location, industry, job type/title) and make sourcing opportunities fast and convenient, it is in your best interest to spend less time on the job boards and more time networking and applying directly to jobs that are aligned with career goals, skills, and experience.

    4. Being Invisible on Social Media

    Hiring managers use social networks to learn more about you and, in a CareerBuilder survey,  more than 2 in 5 employers revealed they are less likely to bring a candidate in for an interview if they are unable to find them online. An active online presence that is aligned with your professional resume is a necessity in today’s technology-driven job search landscape.
    Having a strong social media plan in place that supports your professional image and qualifications will help reinforce your candidacy for whatever role you are pursuing.

    5. Applying to Every Available Job Opening

    Online job boards and company websites revolutionized the job search process, but that doesn’t mean you should submit your resume to every posting that seems interesting or to multiple roles within the same organization. While narrowing your focus might seem illogical, it is in your favor to do so.
    You want to deliver the strongest value message possible and that means crafting a branded resume that speaks directly to the employer’s needs rather than mass submitting a generic resume + cover letter.
    By avoiding these common job search mistakes, you will be better positioned for job search success!
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