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    7 Ways Job Seekers Can Stand Out on Social Media

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    7 Ways Job Seekers Can Stand Out on Social Media

    If you’re currently job hunting, then you’ve probably been told that as a job seeker you need to build authority and stand out on social media.

    As many employers and recruiters continue turning to LinkedIn and other social media platforms to post job announcements and source talent, social media has become an increasingly valuable tool for job seekers.

    Adding social media to the job search mix may feel intimidating but the good news is you don’t need to be everywhere all at once. CDI’s education committee asked our member resume writers and career coaches:

    What are the best ways job seekers can begin to attract followers and build authority through social media when they haven’t been active?

    In the article below, they share their thoughts on:

    • Brand identity and messaging
    • Building authority and credibility
    • Identifying your target audience
    • Setting clear, actionable goals
    • Using AI

    Myriam-Rose Kohn

    It depends on the field or industry of the job seeker. Start writing and posting your own articles or comment about an article you’ve read that pertains to your area of expertise. In other words, share information and then respond to the people who comment on your posts. Again, also respond (engage) with people who work in your related areas of experience or already work in companies where you would like to work. The more you post and respond, the higher the algorithms and that leads to greater visibility (i.e., your name pops up more often in searches).

    – Myriam-Rose Kohn, Reimagine Your Career

    Gina ChristianoBefore embarking on any networking journey, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your goals. As you join groups and engage with other members, do so with the intent to provide value and contribute your knowledge, rather than to simply get something you want from others.

    – Gina Christiano, GC Career Consulting

    Betsy Shephard Reed

    Start by following people and organizations that post topics of interest to you. Next, study those posts. How long are the posts? What references do they use? This helps you get a clear sense of what’s valued and valuable. It’s also important to like and comment on those posts.

    Also, consider targeting topics that are not being talked about and start drafting your own content to share.

    – Betsy Shepard Reed, BSR Career Development

    Angela Watts headshotIdentify what connects with your target audience. Do they appreciate personal posts with a work-related twist? Perhaps, your network is comprised of technical folks who want to read data and trend-related articles. Test the waters to see what lands best and then expand on those areas of interest.

    – Angela Watts, MyPro Resumes & Recruiting

    To start gaining followers and building authority through social media, you need to create valuable content. Be patient and consistent with this and don’t shy away from sharing your opinions. Write about a topic you’ve mastered and be open to feedback from your audience.

    – Renzo Maurtua-Neumann, Area CV

    Debbie Marshall headshot

    Post relevant content, including links to interesting articles or blog posts. Write your own articles, social media posts, or videos. Follow industry leaders and comment on their content. Join groups and contribute content.

    – Debbie Marshall, Thrive Consulting

    Laura DeCarlo

    Consider using ChatGPT or Bard artificial intelligence tools to help you come up with topics and content relevant to your industry. You can ask, “What are the top ten trends for X industry or X job title.” Then you can pick one and say, “Write me a 1200-character LinkedIn post on X topic including relevant hashtags”. Of course, it’s important to stress that you MUST fact check and personalize this content before posting!

    – Laura DeCarlo, President @ Career Directors International

    What This Means for You

    Understanding how to use social media strategically can supercharge your job search. It can magnify your identity, personality, and personal brand to recruiters and hiring managers. It provides a platform for you to establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry. Whether your currently a job seeker or just wanting to manage your career and grow your authority, these sites, tools, and suggestions will allow you to get ahead.

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    Special thanks to Kimberly Ben of Top Resume Writing & Career Services for curating these tips.

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