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    Why Resume Writers Should Fear Chat Bots Like ChatGPT and What to Do About It

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    Resume Writers: Why to Fear Chat Bots Like ChatGPT & What to Do About It

    Hey Resume Writers! I thought of a reason you DO need to fear chat bots like ChatGPT for resume writing. Luckily, I also have a solution.

    But in sharing this, I’m likely going to piss some of you off.

    One day remember I told you I did it because CDI always has your future success in mind because this is something you have to know!

    Sometimes you can’t just be a cheerleader, superhero rousing coach and you’ve got to ruffle some feathers to wake people up.

    That’s why I’m basically trying to YELL this at you!

    If you follow my ChatGPT and Bard tips for resume writers, job seekers and career coaches, then you know there are a multitude of ways these tools can make your job easier.

    But it dawned on me there’s a big BUT…

    Yes, as a pro you have expertise to:

    • Know what to ask clients and chat bots to get good output.
    • Analyze data to determine what’s valid and relevant.
    • Apply knowledge of ATS to final resume.
    • Write great content with/without a chat bot.

    But, do you really know how to make it all truly shine in the final resume?

    Some of you do but a lot don’t.

    I get that it’s working for you now — you’ve never been busier.

    It’s still better than the average job seeker because of your writing.

    But I see a lot of formatting that worked 5, 10 or even 20 years ago.

    That’s not going to hold up and is likely already slowing your clients down.

    Things have changed and ATS is ONLY one piece of it.

    But ATS requires it.

    That’s an excuse I hear a all the time, but the truth is:

    1. A well-designed resume can have beautiful, visual elements that draw the eye AND still be ATS-friendly!
    2. Being a fabulous writer and knowing the content of a winning resume won’t be enough when the chat bots configure to allow true DIY for job seekers.

    You could wake up in three months and see that job seekers now have the tools to output complete resume content just as good as you.

    Personal branding and marketing of a resume is MORE than just writing.

    Sure, AI may jump into design like it has with MidJourney for art, but it’s a long ways off, if ever.

    My guess is those resumes (I’ve seen AI programs for this) aren’t any better looking than the software templates that once scared us and we now brush off as a pesky nuisance full of misinformation we’re forced to correct.

    We’ve been confident knowing there was nothing that could replace our writing and expertise.

    But chat bots are here now and this all could change.

    A visual resume can be subtle and doesn’t have to be overrun with design to work.

    Design doesn’t have to be hard.

    It doesn’t have to foil ATS.

    You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think human review still exists.

    With the time you’ve put into your career, you owe it to yourself to master a few ATS-friendly MS Word design techniques to keep the edge you’ve worked so hard to attain.

    After all, It’s your livelihood!

    So what CAN you do About ChatBots and Resume Writing?

    Marie Plett ATS-Friendly Graphic Resume Design Tutorial Non-MemberBuild your skills with award-winner Marie Plett and her <3 hour step-by-step video tutorial that walks you through ALL her MS Word ATS-friendly design tricks and tips.

    We have a special, discounted bundle offer that was supposed to end on Friday, 3/31/2023. 

    I’ve extended it through Wednesday because I know a whole lot of resume writers who need this now.

    You may not think your career is worth this, but I do and I want you to keep your edge!

    Yes, it’s a course with a small fee attached — about 30% of what a great resume sells for — but more importantly, it’s a hand up.

    To me it’s time to yell — there’s change in the air and I really hope you are hearing me.

    And at the end of the day, it’s not just about resumes needing to be graphic — it’s about having all the skills so we are a step ahead.

    Knowledge and skill are POWER!

    I hope you’ll be my starfish. I do this outreach to you day in and day out because for 20+ years my sole goal has been to help resume writers and career coaches be successful and be recognized as the superheroes they are.

    Let’s go save someone’s day!

    Taste-Test Marie’s Training Style

    Unsure or unfamiliar with Marie’s easy guided strategies?

    Check out her free tutorial that has put many resume writers on the road to TORI awards and graphic resume design freedom.

    Note: This 33 minute sample video tutorial is not about ATS-friendly design.

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    About the Course

    This program is IT!

    40X (and growing) TORI and ROAR award-winner, Marie Plett, has shared all her strategies to create a graphic resume design tutorial that takes you by the hand and guides you, step-by-step, to turn a blah resume into a brilliant one – all while keeping ATS top-of-mind.

    Marie PlettShe says:

    This is the single most comprehensive presentation I have ever designed, and it essentially shows all of my Microsoft Word and ATS design secrets. Every other presentation I have ever delivered has led to this.

    What I do is surprisingly easy and, with this presentation, I was able to make a dozen resume writers comfortable and proficient in resume graphic development in just a few hours.

    In less than 3 hours you will have been guided step-by-step by Marie in a provided MS Word resume to:

    • Add a page border
    • Change colors
    • Create sub-headers
    • Take and save screenshot images
    • Design headers (for 1st and 2nd pages)
    • Build call-out boxes and strategic designs
    • Create a column chart, pie chart, and an area chart
    • Keep the resume ATS-friendly
    • Admire your work of art new resume design, which Marie calls a “Radically ATS-friendly beautiful resume!”

    In less than three hours you’ll have designed each of these elements for yourself and experienced the repeatable processes to bring your graphic resumes to life!
    But just because it’s less than three hours doesn’t mean it isn’t comprehensive! Marie shares ALL her secrets in this tutorial!

    Plus, we’ve broken it into 8 separate video tutorials and PDF lessons so you can jump to your topic easily!

    The clock is really ticking. The ATS-friendly graphic resume design training bundle offer ends on Wednesday!

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