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    Step-by-Step Graphic Logos for Award-Winning Resume Design with Marie Plett

    Resume Writing Graphic Logos in MS Word Video Tutorial - Free Version Featured

    Let’s get started with the free video tutorial on graphic resume logos!

    In this webinar our expert guest is Marie Plett of Aspirations Career Services, Inc. – now a 40X TORI and ROAR resume award winner (2016-2022)

    Whether you want to earn a coveted Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) award to dramatically boost your business, or you would just like to introduce graphic elements to your resumes, learning from the best-of-the-best winners just makes sense!

    In this 33 minute video, Marie will show you how to design striking graphics and logos for your resumes with simple Microsoft Word functions. To accompany the video is a handy step-by-step Advanced Logo Tutorial document you can download below. 

    When you’re done, be sure to check out the offer for Marie’s master course on ATS-friendly resume design below. 

    About Marie: (Updated for 2023)

    Marie Plett is a respected industry authority in resume visual formatting for applicant tracking software (ATS). She is a is a Certified Graphic Resume Architect and Certified Executive Resume Master. She uses her considerable graphic design skills to create exceptional resumes that have won 50X and growing TORI resume writing awards and ROAR resume writing awards since 2016, which includes 10 First Place TORIs.

    Get started with the free graphic resume logo tutorial now:

    1. Download the Tutorial >>
    2. Sparkle JPEG >> This is watermarked and just for playing around with creating this logo.
    3. Watch the Webinar:

    Note: You will want to watch this video in full screen.

    Marie Plett ATS-Friendly Graphic Resume Design Tutorial Non-MemberTake Your Graphic Resume Design to the Next Level & Make it ATS-Friendly!

    Want to create ATS-friendly graphic-enhanced resumes? Now you can learn from the industry’s top award-winning expert with the:

    Step-by-Step Graphic Resume Design Tutorial with Marie Plett!

    Now available for purchase by non-members!

    Do you long to design graphic resumes but worry about ATS?

    Are you overwhelmed in MS Word trying to figure out how to create graphic resume elements?

    Would you like to win a TORI resume writing award to boost your business?

    You don’t have to be overwhelmed or intimidated by graphic resume elements or worried about ATS compatibility anymore!

    This is it!

    40X (and growing) TORI and ROAR award-winner, Marie Plett, has shared all her strategies to create a graphic resume design tutorial that takes you by the hand and guides you, step-by-step, to turn a blah resume into a brilliant one – all while keeping ATS top-of-mind.

    In less than 3 hours you will have been guided step-by-step by Marie in a provided MS Word resume to:

    • Add a page border
    • Change colors
    • Create sub-headers
    • Take and save screenshot images
    • Design headers (for 1st and 2nd pages)
    • Build call-out boxes and strategic designs
    • Create a column chart, pie chart, and an area chart
    • Keep the resume ATS-friendly
    • Admire your work of art new resume design, which Marie calls a “Radically ATS-friendly beautiful resume!”

    Marie says:

    This is the single most comprehensive presentation I have ever designed, and it essentially shows all of my Microsoft Word and ATS design secrets. Every other presentation I have ever delivered has led to this.

    What I do is surprisingly easy and, with this presentation, I was able to make a dozen resume writers comfortable and proficient in resume graphic development in just a few hours.

    Learn more now >>

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