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    2023 TORI Resume Writing Awards are Now Open

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    2023 TORI Resume Writing Awards Are Now OpenAs a professional resume writer and you want to be easily found by job seekers because you’ve got so much to offer them. A Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) award or nomination will allow you to easily do just that!

    Which is why I’m so excited to share that:

    The 2023 TORI Awards are now open for registration!

    This is the time of year when a professional resume writer can change the course of his or her business destiny forever.

    Regardless of where your business is today or where you THINK your business can be, there are many TORI winners with little to no website presence who are pulling in six figures — just because they have TORI wins.

    And let’s be clear, with a TORI win I’m talking about:

    • Changing your business success virtually overnight.
    • Being able to raise your rates over and over, and getting them.
    • Picking and choosing the ideal clients who appeal to you.
    • Having a funnel of prospects who are eager to work with you because they see your work impartially validated by a third party.

    But don’t take my word for it! View testimonials on our TORI registration page.

    Jump over to the TORI page and you can read testimonials and even watch 90 seconds with Sharon Williams telling you why you’ve got to enter.

    Adding to member successes, I personally believe 100% in the power of resume awards because they played a high-impact role in my business!

    The awards I won from 1996-2000 were instrumental in my high 6-figure revenue generation. Customers of ALL levels in this Florida beach community (pre-internet days) happily handed me $1200+, based a lot on the “proof” having awards provided.

    Which leads me to an important point: It’s never too early (or too late) to test the waters.

    You could be delighted by a nomination (which according to recipients is also worth its weight in gold and can be leveraged into more value than any other marketing you might ever do).

    You won’t know unless you try. CDI has tons of winning resources to help you do just that!

    Go out there and make that 2023 TORI resume writing award (or nomination) happen for you! 

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