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    Easily Get Your Passive Email List to Buy Resume Writing & Career Coaching Services (Video Tip)

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    Money coming through computer thanks to email marketing strategyChances are you’ve put in the effort to develop a solid prospect email marketing list for your resume writing and/or career coaching services, but you aren’t seeing much return on investment (ROI) from it.

    In a services industry where sales specials aren’t the norm, just how can you get these people to convert to paying clients?

    In this 4-minute video, I am going to share with you one strategy that is SO EASY to implement, which has helped many career professionals to have their BEST MONTH OF SALES EVER!

    You will learn:

    • How often to communicate with your list to build trust and authority.
    • Email technique for getting people to act now in buying your services with no discounting or new product offering required.
    • Process for educating former clients and prospects about price increases (and reasons for why you would raise them).
    • Brief and easy script to follow for your email announcement.
    • Best time frame for your offer so you can handle all that new business.

    Watch it now (includes subtitles):

    Read the Transcript

    Do you have a prospect marketing list but you’re just not getting people to move the needle on converting into sales?

    It happens to all of us even when you’re putting out great content.

    First thing I would tell you is to make sure you’ve watched my short video on
    the newsletter is dead and what to do instead, because that will give you some great advice on how to maximize using your prospect list.

    This list is really low hanging fruit, so you absolutely want to be communicating value with them. My suggestion is once a week is a nice sweet spot. If you can’t make that happen, once a month is really the minimum you should be reaching out with something juicy and valuable from an information standpoint.

    However, there’s going to be times that come around that you would like to move the needle and get some of these people to move from prospect into actually becoming a paying customer.

    So, one of my favorite techniques that I want to share today is announcing an upcoming
    price increase.

    Let’s face it, in resume writing and career coaching it’s not like a, “limited time only get your resume now, because we won’t be doing it next month.” We don’t usually offer sales
    where they can, “buy now because this price won’t be here next week.”

    But, we all can and should be increasing our prices, most likely on an annual basis; maybe even more often.

    When you do something to grow your business or the market changes, those are times to raise your prices. It could be you earned a new certification, you went to a conference, you wrote a book, you won an award.

    There’s all sorts of ways that we grow ourselves. Also, it could be just learning that you are very underpriced and it is time to raise your prices.

    So, bottom line don’t just raise your prices quietly and wonder what you’re going to say to people when they’re like, “Well that’s not what your prices were when I visited your site or what I thought I was getting.”

    Make an announcement!

    This is a fabulous time to contact your list – prospects and even your former clients may benefit if everything is going up, including resume updates, or you have people who come back regularly for coaching.

    So a simple email just, “Hey, wanted to let you know if you’ve been thinking about working with us now may be the time, because we wanted to let you know on…”

    (Think about like 30 days out is typically a good time frame. You want to get them to be active but you also want enough time to get them in.

    So you’re saying, “Hey, 30 days from now we will be posting a 20 % price increase.”

    (You don’t even have to say what the price percentage is; I was just giving an example.)
    But you’re letting them know, “Hey, if you want this and you want the best price for it, now is the time to act.”

    It will get people who are on the fence, waiting, knowing they needed to do it, planning to do it later, to think: “Oh, I should probably talk to him or her now.”

    I love this; I’ve coached a lot of resume writers and career coaches with this technique to try this out, and every one of them have had the best month ever because people come out of the woodwork.

    So if you have a list this is a fantastic way to get it active.

    Try it!

    Announce your next price increase and see what happens!

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