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    Should you niche your resume writing or career coaching business? (Video tip)

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    Niche Resume Writing Career Coaching - Featured

    Is there a niche for your resume writing or career coaching business, and should you be looking for it?

    Yes, there is!

    Yes, you should!

    But let’s be clear — you can still jump on the niching pony and ride while safely cuddling up to your generalist business model. (How-to on that in the video).

    But as we move into an era of OpenAI, the need for niching is going to be more and more beneficial and even necessary.

    I had the chance to meet with my good bud, Audrey Prenzel recently in her annual Florida tour and this was the topic we both agreed had need.

    Think about it — as personal branding guru Susan Guarneri used to always say (loosely generalized here):

    If you’re standing on the road with a sign, which one do you think will get more people to turn off?

    I write resumes for job seekers.


    I write resumes for pharmaceutical reps who want to earn 6-figures.

    Yes, the 6-figures is a nice bump but the truth is if you stand for everything you won’t STAND OUT.

    And there’s a LOT of competition out there these days!

    Recessions always bring more newly-hatched resume writers and career coaches to the party. Sadly, with slick websites and AI side kicks for marketing, job seekers can’t always tell the difference!

    How are you going to stand out in a sea of voices all offering the same thing?

    You’re going to niche your resume writing or career coaching business.

    Think about the benefits:

    • When you get known for something it’s easy to optimize for it with keywords and SEO.
    • You’ll know where to go to find your target because you’ll be clear on where they hang out, how they speak, what they like, etc.
    • Niching doesn’t mean bored with one market – it could mean serving 54 different specialties; it comes down to how much bandwidth you have.
    • It will be easier to grow because people are galvanized by what we recognize and what speaks to us directly.
    • You might pick the path of least resistance by selecting an industry other resume writers often avoid, like CVs, federal or tech.
    • Referrals find you easily when you are known as the go-to for a specialty. For instance, when a federal job is targeted, many resume writers and coaches immediately think of Robin Schlinger.

    You CAN do this with a single niche or multiple niches.

    For more on niching, check out the 10-minute video and its transcript below.

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