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    2023 Resume Writing Pricing Survey Report + Non-Member Free Excerpt

    CDI 2023 Resume Pricing Report

    The topic of pricing professional resume writing services is one that comes up a lot among resume writing entrepreneurs.

    What should you charge for a resume?

    What do job seekers think it is worth?

    Should you be packaging, and if so, what should you include?

    How much can a professional resume writer earn?

    We conducted a member survey and have created this 40-page report to provide you with detailed statistics on:

    • Rates and ranges for 10 levels/types of resume including all core areas from entry-level to senior executive, including technical, healthcare CV and federal.
    • Data around the average number of consults vs close rates.
    • Percentage of resume sales that are part of packages.
    • Typical package items included with a resume, and their popularity for inclusion.
    • Pricing for packages at all ten levels/types of client.
    • Gross annual revenue for those resume writers participating in the survey and whether/how many subcontractors they use. (28.5% earned $100K – $599K).
    • Commentary, feedback, cheerleading, strategy, and suggested free member resources.

    This report would not have possible without the tireless efforts of the CDI Education committee. The following committee members played pivotal roles in curating, analyzing, editing, writing, and designing the report and its findings.

    In no specific order:

    • Aricia E. Shaffer, MSE, USA
    • Marla Emery – Emery Consulting, Inc., USA
    • Bridget Batson – Houston Outplacement Resume Writing and Career Counseling, USA
    • Robert Dagnall – Resume Guru, USA
    • Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW – Career Polish, Inc., USA
    • Anne Galloway – power-to-change, Netherlands
    • Amy Britta Watt – www.CareerMarketingCentre.com, Canada

    The entire 40-page report is available below for download. It’s free for current CDI members.

    Not a Member? Get a Free Excerpt Now

    CDI 2023 Resume Pricing Report Free Executive Pricing & Packaging Finding Excerpt

    This excerpt includes:

    • Introduction
    • Executive Resume Pricing Findings (executives designed Director or Vice President)
    • Executive Resume Package Pricing Findings
    • Closing Summary
    • Recommended Resources List

    Get the excerpt now >>

    Member? Download the Full Member Report Now

    CDI's 2023 Pricing Survey Report Cover

    See the results now to the 30 survey questions of:

    • What do you charge for new grad resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for entry-level resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for returning to work/gap/challenges resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for mid-level resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for non-executive manager resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for technical resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for executive resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for senior executive resumes? Package?
    • What do you charge for (US) CVs? Package?
    • What do you charge for US federal resumes? Package?
    • How many prospective clients are you hearing from/speaking to with inquiries in an average week?
    • Approximately how many sales are you closing each week based on the rates you listed above?
    • If you sell packages, please select the most purchased items from the list of 15 products and services.
    • How many of your resume sales each week are, on average, part of a package?
    • If you do sell packages, at what approximate percentage do you discount them?
    • If you use subcontractors or ghostwriters, how many do you work with at any given time in the last year?
    • Is your resume writing/career services business full-time or part-time during the past year or 12 months?
    • Have you earned any resume writing certifications or awards?
    • What was your estimated gross revenue in US dollars for the past year or 12 months? Added cross-reference data: How many subcontractors did you use?
    • Is your business currently up, down, or the same as it was one year ago?

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