New Year Resolutions: Take One Step Today to Reach Your Goal (Video + Lesson)

New Year ResolutionWhat if you could take just one step today toward your goal and make that new year resolution a reality?

It can totally happen but oftentimes you’ve got to get out of your own way.

You see, we want to make it perfect. We want to carve out ALL the time to get it done now. We often want results long before their due or earned.

And sometimes we get scared, overwhelmed, and just plain busy.

We often end up sidetracked indefinitely.

Like many of us I spent much of my holiday downtime enjoying myself and thinking about the new year.

I had a million ideas, goals, changes, and additions to make to my day – each day – to somehow make me a better version of me.

But when my eyes opened on the first Monday of January I wanted to curl up and hide from the world.

What had I set myself up for?

When my feet hit the floor I was in complete overwhelm land.

How had I forgotten how much is on my plate each day? Each week?

Then I wanted to share a message with you, because I for one have been here many times before and still found my way to that seemingly distant shore.

This 1-minute video is an introduction to the lesson below. Be sure to take a moment to read the page.

Jumping into the responsibilities of a new year with new year resolutions is intense.

We stand at the crossroads between what we want to do, what we need to do, and what we realistically can do.

What will hold sway? What will win?

In this moment it’s important to know that:

It’s first about mindset!

We get to think and feel whatever we choose.

Regardless of what we are faced with, we set how we can approach it. I find myself grateful for work, responsibilities, clients who keep coming back, and being here to take new breaths in a new year.

None of that was guaranteed as we traversed 2021.

But we get to choose how to view each thing that happens around us and happens to us.

A goal in itself isn’t overwhelming.

It’s nothing more than a series of steps you take to arrive at the destination. The new year resolutions realized.

Anything is possible when you break it down into small steps and then schedule them.

We schedule those steps or it’s too easy to just keep putting them off.

Sure you may find yourself having to cha-cha here and there, but that’s life and we are resilient, adaptive creatures.

Small steps taken compound and produce results over time. Each one takes us closer to realizing those new year resolutions. It’s like weight gain and loss – it took time to gain the weight, it’s going to take time to lose it. Conversely, it takes time to learn what goes into a book, and time to write it.

Don’t get caught up in the details.

Instead just keep moving forward, step by step.

I think my video above is a perfect example. I love doing motivational and tip videos. I had no intention of doing one this week and thus I wasn’t primped and prepared. Heck, my goal was to work, stretch, work, walk, work, stretch, eat right, drink water, and hit the gym. So I already had the gym clothes on with no makeup, etc.

Could I really do a video this way, baring my skin, and thus my soul, to the world?

Maybe I just needed to put it off until I was ready.

Those are dreaded words that have sidetracked many who started with the best intentions!

Somehow those new year resolutions get further away when we buy into those dreaded words and let ourselves off the hook.

Sometimes we just need to know when to dig in our heels and just do it.

Hair, makeup, a cute outfit, and a decluttered background would have taken up precious time I didn’t want to waste.

The message was more important than the packaging especially because I want to proudly wear the scars of surviving 2021.

Let’s face it, 2021 was a year that wasn’t pretty or perfect. I’ve called it the year of resilience because many of us learned just what we were capable of through the shifting pandemic world.

But this is who we are. If we wait for perfect we could wait forever.

It’s more important to pick just one thing today that will move you forward.

It’s ok to be excited and overwhelmed. It’s a new year and the possibilities are endless.

Don’t let that stop you. Today I realized it wasn’t realistic to do everything I planned.

I picked the one thing that was most important.

It fed my soul and lit me up inside. It reminded me of my purpose and why I do what I do.

It really is that easy – just ask yourself, “What is one thing I will do today to move me closer to my goal?”

If you’re overwhelmed, make it smaller! It should be realistic and anything, yes ANYTHING, extra gets you closer to realizing your new year resolutions.

But don’t forget to take time to celebrate along the way.

So often we look at the long list of musts to reach our goals and we feel like what was exciting is now a trudging march.

It starts to feel hard. It’s no longer fun. It’s so easy to quit.

Instead of just checking the item off of the long list and moving into the next requirement, we need to pause.

We can change our view and experience by celebrating what we have achieved at each step along the way.

Close your eyes and acknowledge what changes and actions you had to take to make this one new step happen. Then repeat.

Keep the magic alive by enjoying the process!

What’s the one step you are willing to take today, no matter what, to move toward your new year resolution(s)?

It’s OK if you don’t do new year resolutions. But everyone has something they want to achieve. It just needs to get you excited, hopeful, and even a little scared.

So look at it and pick one thing to start.

Remember, if it feels impossible, make it smaller! Every journey begins with just one step.

Please share your one step in the comments or check out my posts on social media to share there.

Video Transcript

Hey, welcome to 2022!

I’m here with a quick message to just let you know that it’s okay to feel however you feel today.

So many of us have put so much pressure on 2022 and trying to leave the pandemic behind, saying we’re going to turn over a new leaf, we’re going to change so many things.

You probably have set so many goals and expectations for yourself, for your business, for your job. And the reality is, is that you’re just in this moment today right now.

So take a look at all those big things you have planned for yourself and say, “What is the one thing I can change today?” Or, “What is the one thing I can take on today that will help move me closer to my goal?”

And today for me, I’m not getting pretty with makeup, because the message is more important than the package.

So, tell me in the comments, what’s one thing you’re going to do today to help you realize the goals and dreams you’ve been possibly putting on hold or forced to put on hold because of coronavirus?

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2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions: Take One Step Today to Reach Your Goal (Video + Lesson)”

  1. Jan Gholson

    I like your message of not getting caught up with the details. What I want to do today to move me forward is keep listening to your messages and promote my business. In the past I have been reluctant of getting on social media. I need to just do it. Make a post everyday to promote my Professional Resume Services. I get stuck on the details with getting my website together or learning all the different social media platforms. So, today I am telling myself – Self you can do this. Just take one thing at a time and do it. Today I will create a Professional Resume Service post. Thank you for your inspiration and positive message.

    1. Jan, yes, I love it! So, so easy to put off. Just one is all it takes and it doesn’t have to be perfect. All we have to do is think back to our first resume and what it looked like! But it worked and we learn by doing! You’ve got this one post! Yay!

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