Make Money While You Sleep With a Membership Site (Video Tip)

Create a Membership Service for Passive RevenueAre you a resume writer, career coach, or consultant who wants to make money while you sleep? Then you may just love my favorite option for this – offering a membership service!

You Can Make Money With a Membership Site!

You’ve currently got a lot of knowledge and likely content you are giving away. A membership site lets you repurpose that knowledge to create a resource for your clients along with a new revenue stream for you that doesn’t take up much of your time.

Even better, if your target is job seekers, then there can be a finite number of topics you may choose to focus on, meaning that you can build a quality member library very quickly and easily.

Here’s what I share in this 5-minute video:

  • Variety of content types to create to add value to your membership.
  • What content to repurpose for your member library.
  • Events and services that add value and increase perceived ROI for your members.
  • How to create a member service without using a membership website plugin.
  • Best length of membership for job seekers. (Tip: include this in your packages).
  • How to price your membership service.

Watch the Video

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Today I’m talking about one of the ways that you can make money while you sleep.

Because let’s face it, that can be the real challenge of coaches, consultants, anyone who works one-on-one with their clients, consultants, anyone who works one-on-one with their clients, can really get stuck at “How do I take a vacation? How do I get a break? How could I still make money without having to be feet on the ground, hands on the typewriter, ear to the phone?” Whatever methodology it is you use to provide your services.

So, one of my favorite options is a membership site.

If you have a WordPress website, you can usually just add in a plugin to make your site a membership site, with that option of giving people the login and access to additional resources. There are also sites you can buy, like there’s a Kajabi membership you could purchase and use and it kind of becomes a landing page website. But the bottom line is this is not hard to do, and you could even have a membership where you’re just using autoresponders to send people information and don’t need a membership site at all.

But traditionally, yes, a membership site is somewhere where someone goes in and logs in and gets access to resources.

What are common resources that you might have?

Tip sheets, scripts, how-to guides, Q&As, interviews with people. Think about what your clients’ common needs and problems are and create resources. You can repurpose blog posts that you’ve written, and articles into member resources. They should just be, maybe made a little bit deeper, or deactivate the blog post if you’re going to then make it a member benefit. But you could also have both. Just make sure that you’re being clear. Like I post these videos in the CDI membership section, and they’re just an add-on to the deeper lessons. I tell people, “If you want a quick snapshot, check out the video,” because it will summarize what they’re trying to do in just a few minutes time. You can create these as audios, you can create them as videos. They can be PowerPoints.

So there’s lots of different methodologies you can use for the tools in your membership section. Best practices. The sky is really the limit. Just think about what your clients’ needs are, the knowledge that you’re probably currently giving away for free now, and turn it into items of information. And keep in mind, this does not mean you have to write a book. When you’re giving bite-size content, it’s going to be much more friendly and digestible to people. People like quick, easy information.

Some other things you can do to add value to your membership site, especially if you’re just starting out, is you could have a Q&A call once a month, and obviously, record those and archive those in the member’s section. You could have office hours where people can call in or email in during certain hours once a week and get access to you for answers. You could also create a forum with a forum plugin, or probably what’s more popular is a Facebook group. A private group where people can ask questions. So, there’s a lot of different options.

If you’re working with job seekers, I’d recommend including a 90-day subscription in your package because that’s about the average time someone will need it. And, obviously, be adding a couple new items to it a month until you really hit capacity and then you can just start doing updates or combining things together, doing new interviews, sharing the new trends and things they need to know of that come out, well, that constantly arise especially in the employment and career services world.

So, what should you charge?

Price varies significantly. It could be $9.95 a month or $39 for three months. It could be $9.95 a month or $39 for three months. It could be $99 a month. It really depends on how much content you have. But again, I recommend a three-month membership. We do see memberships typically ranging around the $19.95 to $39 a month. But I’ve actually, myself, been in memberships that were $500 a month, so it depends on what you’re giving. And if you’re giving everything you have in this 90-day membership, you probably do want to be somewhat compensated for your time and expertise. But hey, it’s great because whatever you sell this, you’re going to be making money while you sleep. That’s really a win-win.

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