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    Here’s What Leads to a Job-Winning Interview

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    When it comes to pre-interview prep, it’s not only going to show an employer how serious you are about the job you’re applying for but can also be translated into a make-or-break example of your approach to work.

    So, you can elevate your candidacy by doing just a little more company research than the guy next to you is going to. Here are 7 things to research:

    • Competencies and experience the company looks for in right-fit candidates.

    You can check out the company’s career page if they have one or its online job postings (e.g., on LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, SimplyHired, etc.).

    • Culture, mission, and values.

    Company websites are good for that, but you can also get a better idea by tapping into their social media networks and dig a little deeper in those places.

    • Customers, services, and products.

    Company website and/or blog, LinkedIn company page, case studies, white papers, Wikipedia. You may want to find out what’s coming up on Google, Bing, or YouTube on a company’s products and services, especially reviews. And take the time to dig deeper than the first page of results. What’s coming up when you search competitors? More favorable results? If that’s the case, you may want to rethink which company you’re targeting!

    • Key personnel, from managers to the CEO/president, people in charge of hiring for that position you’re targeting.

    Have a gander at the About Us page, bios, and press releases on who’s been appointed to what position. This is a great time to examine as many LinkedIn profiles as you can so that you can get a better picture of the general culture or average times people have been with the company.

    • People conducting your interview.

    If you don’t have the names, ask for them, and research these folks on the company website, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs they’ve written, conference presentations on YouTube, etc. This can be invaluable information when it comes to making that all-important personal connection at interview time.

    • Latest company news and updates.

    In addition to some of the resources I’ve already mentioned above, check out press releases, media articles, news on upcoming events, and Google News.

    • Insider information to give you that extra edge.

    Glassdoor is great for researching salary figures (a big plus during salary negotiations!), company reviews, and how the employer recruits and hires talent—information you won’t find listed on a company’s website.

    So, next time when interviewers ask, “Can you tell us what you know about our company?” or “Why do you want to work for us?” you’ll be armed with the information to win them over—and WIN THE JOB!

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