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    How to Keep a Gratitude Journal During Your Job Search

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    One of the best ways to boost your confidence and positivity during a job search – your health, happiness and connection with others overall – is also one of the simplest: giving thanks.

    Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal and writing your thoughts down on paper enables you to consciously note your appreciation for all the good people and things in your life!

    When you’re angry, scared, feeling overwhelmed, or just generally stressed, practicing gratitude in this way can help you put things into perspective, ease your anxiety, and improve your mood. Here are simple tips for recording the joys – and challenges – that enhance your life.

    • Take a moment to reflect. Note two to five things you’re grateful for – such as the dinner out you had with your spouse or being able to attend weekly yoga classes with your best friend.
    • Go deep. Don’t just document events or thoughts; express your emotions about your experiences. Why are you grateful? How does what you’re noting make you feel?
    • Get real. Record the good in your life, but also chronicle the lessons and silver linings you take away from the challenges and setbacks.
    • Be creative. Can’t find the right words? Draw instead. Or paste mementos of fun events (photos, ticket stubs, playbills, menus, etc.) into your journal. Each time you see these, you’ll relive that feeling of thanks for those experiences.
    • Make it a habit. Writing daily is fine; but writing weekly has been touted as the best way to establish a consistent rhythm for your practice. Designate a certain day to keep continuity. Reflect back on the prior week and record it.

     Recognizing what you’re grateful for, and fully appreciating it, takes practice. I hope these tips offer some helpful ways for documenting your gratefulness more frequently and meaningfully.

    3 thoughts on “How to Keep a Gratitude Journal During Your Job Search”

    1. Marsha Toy Engstrom

      Barb–this is thoughtful advice. I find that the act of writing it down is great positive reinforcement, making the appreciation more mindful; thus setting up your brain to look for “moments to be grateful for” in the future. Thanks–I’ll be sharing!

    2. Hi Barb, Great post.
      What a good recommendation for job seekers as a practice to help boost their confidence. I believe this will help with mindset.
      I like how you encourage job seekers to go deep and explore their feelings. A bit like what you feel you will attract. 🙂 I also like the focus on lessons and silver linings as well. Regards, Amanda

    3. Thanks Barb,
      January and February can be extra tough months for job seekers looking for new opportunities., This gives great tips for keeping positive and energized.

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