Learning from the Movies: Super-Secret Red Carpet Resume Writing Strategy (Core Lesson)

Star Walking Red CarpetBy Laura DeCarlo, CDI President and Business Success Coach

Psst… I start out talking about an action movie but you really need to know this core lesson is going to take you deep into the super-secret inner sanctum of strategies behind really and truly writing winning resumes. I’ll call them the red carpet of resume writing. They’re what let me become:

  • An award-winning resume writer in my second year in business.
  • Selected to be featured with more resumes in many resume books than many other resume writers in my third year of business. (22 books in total with 18 resumes in America’s Top Resumes).
  • 7 year consecutive winner of highest job placement levels out of 13 college campuses in two countries.
  • A six-figure self-employed career hero within 2.5 years of opening my practice.
  • Resume coach to the industry’s top award-winning professional resume writers.
  • Author of Resumes for Dummies, 7th edition.

I’m not tooting my own horn here. I’m making a point. And yes, I do more — did more — than resume writing to earn that income. But as my boss at the college stated, “You can write a damn good resume. We know you’ll learn the rest.”

Foundational IS being able to write a damn good, kick ass, make prospective employers pant, and clients become raving fans resume.

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