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    Grow Your Solopreneur Business Faster Through Niche Marketing

    Replay - Grow Solopreneur Business Faster Through Niche Marketing

    Many entrepreneurs avoid niching because they believe it will limit their market opportunity.

    While that might be true of a micro-niche, for most businesses, selecting a niche to focus on will allow you to grow farther faster.

    In the noise of your competition speaking to everyone you can stand out by speaking to someone specific.

    My friend and colleague, Susan Guarneri, who is now retired, was an early adopter of niche branding tactics.

    She used an example of standing on the side of a highway waving a sign to get business.

    If that sign said, “We help you get sales”, would it make you put on the brakes and veer off at the next exit?

    Probably not.

    You’d be thinking:

    What kind of sales? For what kind of business? Does that apply to my business?

    You’d keep driving and maybe you’d be motivated to do a little research later to find someone who speaks to YOU and your specialty.

    Now let’s imagine that as you continue driving you see another sign that says:

    “We help service-based solopreneurs exceed their sales goals and grow their businesses 3X faster”.

    Now, that’s still kind of generic as there are all kinds of service-based entrepreneurs.

    You wouldn’t know if it was for resume writers and career coaches, or plumbers.

    It might get your interest, but it likely wouldn’t.

    So, let’s drill it down further:

    “We help resume writers and career coaches to exceed their sales goals and grow their businesses 3X faster”.

    You might not slam on the brakes, but if this spoke to you and your pain, you’d likely be writing that company’s name down to look up later, right?

    Targeted niche marketing works and generic ‘everyone’ marketing doesn’t!

    If 1M+ businesses on LinkedIn are saying “I’m a resume writer” or whatever your specialty is, then being yet another voice saying the same thing isn’t going to let you cut through the noise.

    If you’re a resume writer and career coach, there’s so much unexplored opportunity to stand out and niche!

    The best news is that you don’t have to limit yourself to a single niche or stop being a generalist!

    Watch the replay to learn:

    1. Recap of why marketing to a niche is easier than general marketing.
    2. Specific ways to have the best of both worlds – niching and generalist status.
    3. How to define your niche and your ideal customer avatar.
    4. Where to find your target audience and how to stand out to them.

    Key points around succeeding with niche marketing for solopreneur success:

    Speaking to a niche will actually get you more business than speaking to everyone because it magnetizes your idea clients.

    The perfect niche is usually one you enjoy most and has been researched to ensure there isn’t too much competition and that it’s not too small of a market.

    You don’t have to be all-in with a niche. It’s ok to maintain your generalist safe space on one hand while going deep with a specific niche on the other. Eventually the niche will outweigh the generalist and you’ll want to either add more deep niches or stop generalizing altogether. But if you want to do both, the beauty of self-employment is that you can.

    Develop your ideal client avatar before you begin marketing and position all future marketing efforts as if you’re speaking directly to that individual.

    Hang out where your niche already is and fish there for opportunities. Then, create niche content to attract your niche to you for platforms like LinkedIn newsletters, your blog, and target industry associations.

    Niching will save you time, energy and stress. You’ll no longer be standing on the side of the road trying to get just anyone to pay attention to you. When you position yourself as a niche expert, your niche will respond.

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