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    ChatGPT is the Best New Tool for Resume Writers and Career Coaches

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    ChatGPT - Resume Writers & Career Coaches Shouldn't Fear the Chat Bots - Day #1Everyone’s either talking about or hiding from ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence (AI) tech. But could it really be the best new tool for resume writers, career coaches, or job seekers?

    This tech is exciting but can be easy to misuse without the right initial knowledge base and understanding!

    I’ll be exploring how resume writers and career coaches can SPECIFICALLY get the most out of this ChatGPT AI tech in a series of social media posts!

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    The reality: A recent industry-wide survey we performed (via social media and email) showed that just 16% of surveyed career pros of all kinds were using ChatGPT only minimally to assist them either administratively, in career services/resume writing, or in marketing.

    ChatGPT Survey Results of Usage Among Pro Resume Writers and Career Coaches

    Yet, it was also listed as the #1 issue keeping them up at night wondering what these tools meant for the future of our industry.

    Will AI functionality replace resume writers, career coaches, counselors, marketers, or other related pros?

    My heavy lifting in putting ChatGPT through its paces only demonstrates to me that it can be a tool for massive good in the hands of someone who understands what they are looking at.

    I’ll be sharing the specific ins and outs (and do’s and don’ts) in upcoming posts on our social media channels and later in a few lessons here on the site.

    But, as a quick intro example:

    • Professional Resume Writers know what makes a winning resume.

    • Job Seekers know their responsibilities and accomplishments but not how to market it for a job.

    • ChatGPT prompts don’t return data that has passed through a true human expert filter. To get the most out of it for job search, you need to know what’s outdated, too passive, or downright incorrect!

    Despite these limitations, the applications for career professionals and entrepreneurs of all kinds are vastly unlimited and groundbreaking.

    And you can’t ignore this, curse at it, or hope it will go away!

    AI is here to stay.

    • LinkedIn just rolled out AI generative features for profile writing suggestion prompts (and full paragraph content) to limited test audiences.

    • Google will be bringing PaLM to Workspace where you will be able to opt into generative text prompts/copy right in Docs, Gmail, and other programs.

    • Microsoft Bing and Edge will allow users to combine the best of both browsing and chat combined when it rolls out to all users.

    It’s time to stop fearing the Chat Bots, regardless of what they are called.

    Instead, consider ChatGPT and related AI tech to be your new co-pilot hybrid VVA or virtual virtual assistant as a resume writer, career coach, or other career pro!

    I can’t wait to show you what it can do for YOU!

    Remember to follow on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram for specific tips on using ChatGPT for resume writing and career services. I’ll later follow up with all the ways you can use it as an entrepreneur!

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