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    Want to Build a Resume Business? Here’s What’s Inside Resume Business Roadmap™

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    How to Build a Resume Writing Business - Look Inside Resume Business Roadmap + Cyber Monday SpecialAs we’ve been sending out information about our Resume Business Roadmap™ launch we’ve received emails from resume writers about it. Many want to know exactly what’s inside so they can get clear if it will really help them build a resume writing business or take their existing business to the next level.

    In the last post I shared how a resume writer using just one module of the course has increased rates by 400%, created packages, and in just 60 days and has since seen $11,000 and $20,000 weeks.

    But you may already have packaging, pricing, and closing nailed but just not be sure how you are going to get traffic or target other areas that need help.

    Since Resume Business Roadmap is the A to Z of a profitable resume writing business, we’ve got you covered!

    So, let’s take a look inside Resume Business Roadmap™ so you can see how it will help you build a resume business!

    The following is a complete outline of the lessons that are included in the course to help you start and build a resume writing business. You will note that some of the modules are cut-and-dried topics with only one resource in them while others have up to eight.

    Almost every lesson has a prompt for participation in the Facebook group, which is completely optional but will provide you the opportunity for coaching, support, and networking.

    Each lesson can also be downloaded to use as a handy guide as you move forward with your business. Templates, such as agreements, are MS Word documents for your use.

    Every lesson has a video introduction to the module topic.

    Don’t forget you also get access to 15 resume writing lessons and a copy of Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition in Kindle (for U.S. registrants only).

    One last thing before we review:

    If you are a member of CDI, some of the titles below may be familiar to you. In this course, everything is either brand new or updated/revamped with today’s spin on it to ensure you receive the  most timely and applicable content to use as your roadmap. The course modules provide a total deep dive to move you forward, including many topics that have been on my to-do list for a long time! Unlike in CDI, where most lessons are embedded on the web page, every document is downloadable!

    Course Modules

    It’s everything you need to build a resume writing business!

    Section One: Business Essentials for Start Up

    M1: Planning, tools and expectations for starting and running a practice.

    • Start-Up Expenses & Tool Planning Worksheet
    • Choose Your Entrepreneurial Adventure for Success Lesson
    • Disaster-Proof Your Business Lesson

    M2: Business naming for growth, scale, and future sale.

    • Business Naming Strategy & Checklist

    M3: Taxation Model & Business structure.

    • Taxation & Business Model Checklist

    M4: Taking payments.

    • Taking Payments Checklist

    M5: Effective business mindset to cultivate for success.

    • Mindset for Success Strategy Checklist
    • Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur Checklist
    • Powerful Mind Shifts to Become an Entrepreneur Lesson 1 of 2
    • Powerful Mind Shifts to Become an Entrepreneur Lesson 2 of 2

    M6: Maintaining work-life balance and time management.

    • Best Practices in Using Email Templates + Sample Templates
    • Get Control of Your Time Lesson

    M7: Winning customer service, client satisfaction and communication.

    • Best Practices in Client Information Control and Boundary Setting
    • Train Your Clients with Clear Boundaries Lesson
    • How to Use Basic Follow Up to Increase Your Business
    • Scripts for Responding to “My Resume Doesn’t Work” without Refunds

    M8: Client contracts and agreements.

    • Best Practices in Crafting Powerful and Protective Client Agreements
    • Sample Contract/Client Agreement in MS Word for Customization
    • Best Practices with Resume Writing and Career Services Guarantees

    Section Two: Branding, Marketing and Growing for Success

    M9: Target marketing – generalist or niche.

    • Generalist or Niche Approach Worksheet

    M10: Personal branding.

    • Personal Branding Worksheets + Logos
    • Take the Branding Assessment
    • Download the Assessment Cards

    M11: Websites and SEO.

    • Best Practices for a Career Business Website
    • Build Your List by Creating a Sexy IFO for Your Website Lesson
    • Bootstrap SEO Tip Sheet

    M12: Blogging.

    • Best Practices in Blogging to Build Authority & Get Traffic
    • Best Practices in Organizing Your Blog to Maximize Posting Opportunities
    • Editorial Calendar Template

    M13: Building a local business and beyond.

    • Grow Your Business by Targeting Your Local Market Lesson
    • Networking Tips and Tricks for Shy People Lesson
    • Presentation Strategy for Converting Attendees Into Prospects Lesson
    • How to Profit from Job Fair Participation When You Can’t Present Tip Sheet
    • Creating Your 30-Second Commercial Lesson
    • Attracting New Clients with Free Teleclasses & Webinars Tip Sheet
    • Using Google My Business for Local and Online Growth Lesson
    • Help Job Seekers Find, Know & Trust You (Infographic)

    M14: Marketing with LinkedIn.

    • Determine Your Online Identity Power with This LinkedIn Tool Lesson
    • Creating Stellar LinkedIn Profiles Lesson
    • Finding Key Contacts and Getting Connected on LinkedIn Lesson
    • Using LinkedIn Posts and Comments to Get Clients and Build Authority Lesson

    M15: Growing and using a list.

    • Getting Started with Email Marketing Lists Lesson
    • How to Fill Your Pipeline with Email Marketing Lesson
    • Easily Convert Your Passive Email List Into Buyers Lesson

    M16: Collecting testimonials that close sales.

    • Get Targeted Testimonials to Easily Close Sales Lesson
    • Hard-Hitting Testimonials for Newbies and Veteran Fluff-Users Lesson
    • Testimonial Form Template in MS Word

    M17: Getting referrals.

    • Best Practices in Growing Your Business Through Client Referrals
    • Best Practices in Giving and Receiving Professional Referrals
    • Business Referral Message Templates in MS Word

    Section III: Services, Packaging and Selling for 6-Figure Profit

    M18: Services to offer.

    • Documents and Services That Job Seekers Need Tip Sheet
    • Add Value to Packages with These Bonuses Tip Sheet

    M19: Pricing for comfort and profit.

    • Effective Pricing Strategies from Industry Colleagues Tip Sheet
    • Pricing, Selling and What Your Market Will Bear Lesson
    • When and How to Painlessly Raise Your Prices Lesson

    M20: Packaging for success.

    • Understanding the Packaging Sweet Spot That Lands Sales Lesson
    • Selling What Clients Need Lesson
    • Simple Sample Package Lesson
    • More Package-Pricing Sheet Examples

    M21: Winning no-fear sales consultation and closing process.

    • Ultimate A-to-Z Done-For-You Consultation Script & 4-Figure Sales Strategy

    M22: Importance of resume writer certifications and awards.

    • Bust Price Resistance with Awards, Certifications & Publications Lesson

    Section IV: Next Steps on Your Journey for Growth and Freedom

    M23: Being a resume subcontractor / hiring subs.

    • Subcontracting From Both Sides of the Contract Tip Sheet
    • Subcontractor / Freelance Agreement Sample #1 in MS Word
    • Subcontractor / Freelance Agreement Sample #2 in MS Word

    M24: Evaluation for increased free time and profits.

    • Evaluating Your Services for Continued Growth and Career Happiness Lesson
    • SWOT Analyze Yourself for Continued Success Worksheet
    • The Great Annual Price Reevaluation Worksheet

    M25: Corporate transition assistance workshops.

    • Corporate Transition Assistance and Association Relationships Lesson
    • Sample Outplacement Contract in MS Word
    • Sample Transition Assistance Proposal in MS Word
    • Sample Transition Assistance Proposal in PDF (for example only)

    M26: Make money while you sleep.

    • Group and Evergreen Programs to Save Time and Increase Profits Lesson
    • Make Money While You Sleep with a Membership Site Lesson
    • Partnerships to Expand Your Business Lesson
    • Live Event Release Waiver Template in MS Word

    M27: When it’s time to work with a VA or project manager.

    • Find Freedom and Growth with Virtual Assistants and Project Managers Lesson

    M28: How to take a vacation without losing business.

    • How to Take a Vacation, Not Get Hassled, and Not Lose Business Lesson

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